Where can I hire a Satellite Phone from in Perth? (need it this Sunday)?

I'm about to do the trip across the Nullabor starting this coming Sunday.

As this trip was only planned today - I have left it a tad late to have one delivered by some of the online companies that offer the service as there is not enough time for the delivery.

I am hoping to find somewhere that I could pick one up on Saturday? I will also no longer be needing it once I reach Canberra/Sydney so preferably I'd like to return it there, but otherwise send it back by express post.

If anyone knows of a company where I could pick up a short term rental I'd be grateful.


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  • 7 years ago
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    Why do you need a satellite phone? If you are on the Telstra network your mobile will work at most of the stops along the way otherwise there are landline phones at all the service stations if you are desperate to keep in touch with someone. The longest stretch you have to go without a service station is about 200km which is only two hours driving. In the unlikely event you get into trouble, it is a well used highway and there will be someone along in five minutes. 99.99% of people driving across do not have a satellite phone and do not need one.

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