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Contribution by Lebanon?

Which is the major contribution that Lebanon has provided to the world like: science, literature, medicine, art?

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    Some facts about Lebanon:

    -Byblos is the world’s oldest, continuously occupied city and the first alphabet was also created here.

    -The world’s first ever law school was founded in the city of Beirut in Lebanon.

    -The cedar which is a native tree of Lebanon is mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament.

    -Beirut was destroyed and built from scratch seven times and is known as the “Phoenix”.

    -The first ever people to build a boat and set sail in it were the Phoenicians who were the original occupants of Lebanon.

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    Elias james corey is a nobel prize winner in chemistry and the greatest living chemist today as per the hirsfh index. There was another nobel winner in physiology and medicine who was half lebanese. A pioneering cardiac surgeon who invented the roller pump which made open heart surgery possible and also contributed to the first artificial heart, he performed the first patch graft angioplasty, carotid endarterectomy and vejtricular assist device insertion. A pioneering neurosurgeon who invented the modern valve treatment for hydrocephalus. The 3rd best selling poet of all time. The phoenician alphabet is considered the parent alphabet of all alphabets today (hebrew, greek, latin etc.)

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    The Canaanites or Phoeniceans were the fist major people there so the first product was a purple dye from where they got their name. The Greeks based their alphabet on the one from Canaan. Carthage is an offshoot of the country. Baal, their chief deity is still remembered.

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    Alphabet, that was later adopted by Greeks, then Romans, then Germanic kingdoms and Russians.

    And now it is still used in this forum.

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