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I have a question for the GOP?

Why don't you pick Chris Christie for the 2016? I mean he is the only republican in the country that can beat the Democrats. HE IS NOT A LIBERAL, he is a centrist that leans to the right, and people like him. WHY? Because he gets crap done! I am a moderate Republican and compromise is not a bad thing. HOW? Simple: When there is a leader, no matter what side, comes to term and wants to work with the other side, and the other side doesn't want that and will refuse to pass anything, the side that refuses to pass anything, will not be well received by the public. And the public most likely vote them out. If he runs and you choose him, he would keep the southern stronghold of the electoral college in the south and we would more states like in the Midwest, and other places. WHY don't they understand that? Look, I like Rand Paul for what he did, BUT he won't win. No matter how well people think that he would win, your crazy. Finally, for those of you say that the GOP lost in 2008 and 2012, because they picked moderates is not true. Mccain lost because they thought he was too similar to George W Bush in terms of foreign policy. And Romney was a flip flopper that just didn't connect with people. Whether you believe it or not, Christie is your last chance, because if you lose in 2016, you probably never see the white house for a long time. Am I wrong? Explain

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    While Christie would have a good chance to win the general election, at this point he is unlikely to win the GOP nomination.

    The Republicans currently have the same problem that the Democrats had in the 70s and 80s. The party had been taken over by extremists (on the reverse side of the political spectrum, but still extremists). Those people tend to be very active in primaries, so the Democrats kept nominating candidates who were too extreme for the vast majority of the electorate.

    I was not a Clinton fan, but he was successful at pulling the Democratic Party much closer to the middle than it had been. The Republican Party needs to do the same thing now, not only for their sake, but for that of the nation.

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    I'm a democrat, just putting that out there. Christie hasn't got a chance. I think of all the potential republican candidates, he would have the best chance of winning and might even be a decent president. Seriously, I wouldn't vote for him, but I think he would be pretty good because he's pragmatic.

    That said, not a chance. Do you have any idea just how much hate has been generated against Obama? Of Christie were literally drowning, and the only person who could save him was Obama, many on the right think dying would be a better choice. Christie's state was trashed last year, and he quite appropriately reached out for help, because he wanted to help his constituents. And right wingers HATE him for that. They honestly think he should have let his people suffer rather than get help. He did what a good governor should do, and he will be severely punished for it.

    And the far right would prefer to see the country go down in flames rather than give Obama a glass of water to put out the fire. The republican party should be the loyal opposition, and govern. Instead they are just the opposition, and all they do is obstruct.

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    Christie is the mostly likely choice, establishment republicans love him but those Tea Party far right nuts want some idiot like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, a person who would be impossible to gain full national support. There is a war in the republican party and it's going to end up with Hillary or crazy Joe getting at least one term for president.

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    Chris Christie would win if he was to run for the White House, He himself knows that, I think he does not want to deal with what we're dealing with now in congress, Ronald Reagan would make them work all together until they did what was best for the country and the people, he was very good at it, I do not believe Chris would be happy working with the clowns that are destroying this great country of ours, I do feel that our fore fathers would cry if they could see how the country is being destroyed as it is now, And as far as the clown that is in our house now, Myself i pray every night at bed time, that we will survive 40 more months with the clown that is in our White House now, He has been very destructive this America, And anyone with any know how, Knows that, that his main goal, to do as much damage to America as he can, sorry to sound negative, but he is not a good person, underneath it all.

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    Who said he won't be picked?

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