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has anyone ever had to take a typing test for a job?

i recently got a call for an interview for a registrar position in a hospital. the recruiter told me that I would need to take a typing test.. I have never had to take a typing test for a job and I am so nervous. What should I expect? How are these tests scored? What is an acceptable score?

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    Some employers who require typing tests may tell the applicant the minimum score they are looking for. There are some free typing tests online, that may help ease some of your stress to what to expect. I would say average typing speed would be anywhere from 35 to 45 words per minute. Tests are scored based on how fast you type as well as how accurate you are (no errors).

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    Yes-- good luck. I don't think they are necessarily an accurate depiction of how fast one types, particularly if you didnt grow up typing the "correct" way. I know I am a quick typist and have had several administrative jobs where I was successful. I'd say practice on the internet if you can before taking the exam...just google different sample typing tests. If you really want the job you need to do well, these exams have kept me from positions before!

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    They will give you some written material to copy / type and they will look at how many words you accurately typed per minute. Speed is important, but so is accuracy because if you have errors or if you backspace to correct something, those words don't count. I doubt they will have super-high standards, like expecting 80 words per minute or something. If you have reasonable typing skills you'll probably do just fine.

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    you must have taken typing in school so you already know how typing tests work. Type as good as you can do and see what happens.... you can't do more than that.

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