Driving Perth to Brisbane via Adelaide - I need advise please!?


I am planning to drive from Perth to Brisbane with a few days stop in Adelaide (from what I can see, Adelaide is on the way so I figured we'd stay there a few days as I have never been to this city before).

I've not ever crossed the Nullabor, or driven on any of the road between Perth and Brisbane for that matter. I am hoping to do it over a week, so with 6 overnight stops altogether. I know this will be a push but I would think it is doable?

Can anyone please advise where would be some ideal places to stop for the night across the Nullabor, and should I be booking in advance or is it fine to just book into the first place I see before sunset? Also - what is the general cost of accommodation over the Nullabor and for the drive from Adelaide to Brisbane?

I have a Mitsubishi 380, great condition but it is a sedan car, not a 4WD with bullbars, will I be ok doing this long journey in a regular car?

any advice about this journey would be greatly appreciated, as I am a bit lost on where to start looking for information or how much things cost, if I am crazy thinking of doing this in a regular car etc.

I only plan to drive during day light hours for safety reasons.

Thank you in advance for your replies :)

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  • Merry
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    7 years ago
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    OK - yes it is doable ... but are you travelling alone?

    The reason I ask this is simple ... the Nullarbor is one LONG straight stretch of road ... it is unique & wonderful... but it is also straight, unchanging landscape = boring = high risk of falling asleep ... which with kangaroos, emus, wombats, and camels roaming freely = danger!

    As for stops & booking... well .. what stops there are come few & far between .. so booking means your not taking any risk of having to drive all night to get to the next stop (ie if stop A has no vacancy what are the alternatives ... drive all night to get to stop B or sleep at C[aka in the Car])!

    This sight has some good tips ~ matadornetwork.com/.../the-nullarbor-crossing-australia’s-biggest-badde...‎

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    Perth to Adelaide is a touch under 3000km. That means 30 hours of driving on good bitumen roads. Don't drive at night to avoid kangaroos and other wildlife. Driving 6-8 hours a day will take you four to five days. If you drive for longer, you will do it in less time. You do not need a 4WD or bullbars, just watch out for large animals and try not to hit them

    There are service stations much less than a tank of petrol apart so stop and fill up regularly. You can get meals at the servos as well. There are also plenty of camping sites along the way. If you must stop in hotels or motels, ring and book ahead otherwise take a small tent and a sleeping bag.

    Technically, you do not cross the Nullarbor Plain. The train does but the road skirts the southern boundary of the plain itself. Make a stop at the Head of the Bight and various other lookouts along the way for magnificent views of the limestone cliffs. If it is the season, you will see Southern Right Whales in the waters of the Bight, they go there to give birth and mate.

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    Perth To Brisbane Drive

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  • C.M. C
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    7 years ago

    I had a couple of Australian friends that have done it in a Commodore, if that means anything, but they did not do it alone. Two drivers 4 on 4 off is how they did it. They would changeover at a roadside service centre.

    I would not set any time period, you tend to become lead footed if you do, as soon as you start thinking your behind.

    One thing that did scare me out there, where not Kangaroo's or stuff like that, but those massive road trains, I have never seen something like that, and they were scary.

  • OzNana
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    7 years ago

    Here's my advice. Two drivers. Take containers with lots of water (for the radiator, in case of problems). Take an extra can of petrol. Take plenty of water to drink. You may not see anywhere to stay for the night - unless things have changed radically from when I did it many years ago (in a Holden). So take a bed roll or something. Take a few marine flares in case of trouble. Ideally, take a satellite phone. Don't forget to get your car serviced before you go.

    You don't need to go down to Adelaide if you don't want, it's adding a whole extra leg to your journey.

  • Brenda
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    5 years ago

    hmm...my dad has done this in a road train many times. It is all sealed and the fastest route is by going through Broken Hill. I have never done the trip with him but I always hear his stories. He doesnt do it anymore, but I guess that all of it is the same. Watch for roos and check your feul at EVERY town as your crossing the Nallabour. You dont want to run out of feul out there. Good Luck and enjoy the trip :)

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