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Suggestions for troubles to the Dursleys?

I am working on a Harry Potter Fanfiction, and in that Fanfiction I plan to keep the Dursleys in as much trouble as possible (keep in mind that Harry's not living in Privet Drive while the Dursleys are in trouble).

Are there any suggestions?



I did include some normal things being difficult to the Dursleys, but from now on I will start to include magical things, and include normal things less frequently.

I searched about magical objects in Harry Potter, I don't think the magical objects that the internet gives me would really fit, magical objects like what? I got an idea of getting them a portkey and transfer them to somewhere they don't know, from your description.

Please give me some ideas of what magical objects should be used to pop up all the time in front of them, if you can.

Update 2:


The story I wrote contains a type of magic that doesn't exist in the Harry Potter books or films, and I had James and Lily reach Harry using it, it is known as Metaphysical Magic, a magic that is used by the people who lives beyond death, and wizards who are living are able to use this magic if the people who lives beyond death has enabled them to. This magic cannot be detected by the Ministry, even Voldemort is not a match against this magic, it can drain the magical power of any wizard, turning them into Squibs, it can block spells, even the unforgivable curses (including the killing curse).

I am planning to use some prank items on the Dursleys later in this story.

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    I know that a lot of people have the Dursleys having to face the consequences of their actions to Harry. Like people who rescued him from their abuse having them have to endure the same type of abuse for as long as Harry had to deal with it. For example, they would feel hungry no matter how much they eat or feel frightened for their lives all day or something like that. Since there is not much abuse shown in canon (it is a children's book, so there wouldn't have been as graphic as some fanfictions show), you can rely only on canon (bullying, slight starving, cupboard, etc) or you could simply make some up. The effect of this treatment is often in spell form, but the name is never given. So, you could just not name the spell or make up a name. The only thing magical about it is a wand and a spell.

    A story that I never saw was different pranking and joke shop items appearing in front of the Dursleys. It is implied that Harry most likely had some joke shop items with him at the Dursleys. The Ton-Tongue Toffee was mentioned, but it would be interested if some of the items appeared around the house. They can start small, like having chocolate frogs or other magical candies lying around that Dudley tries (but not the toffees). The frogs jump and Berty Botts Every Flavor Bean can disgust Dudley. Like you can have Dudley sneaking around Harry's room after he leaves and find some candy that was left behind or something. More joke shop items can be found later, which could leave dangerous responses. One possible scenerio could be having Dudley find some Filibuster's fireworks and maybe some of Harry's homework. Harry could be elsewhere at the time, like doing his (and most likely Dudley's) chores, so he would have been somewhere else when Dudley stole the items.

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    Try to involve harry's life with theirs as much as possible, even if he isn't there. Talk about the muggle down the street, have magical things pop up all the time out of NOWHERE. It would be awesome! Just try to stay away from normal things being difficult for the dursleys. That wouldn't be nearly as interesting to read. :)

    Source(s): Lifelong harry potter nerd. :)
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