Name conditions at STP?

Pressure (in atm, kPa, and mmHg)

Volume (in Liters)

Number of particles

Thank you!

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    if you're taking a chemistry class in the US, STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure) usually means

    .. T = 273.15K = 0°C

    .. P = 1atm = 101.325kPa = 760mmHg

    the other variables

    .. # of particles

    .. Volume

    are NOT defined in "STP"


    however... all that said.. this link

    shows the current IUPAC and NIST definitions of STP... and some others as well

    note that IUPAC has changed definitions, while NIST has not


    to the other guy who doesn't know what he's talking about

    NTP.. normal temperature and pressure... refers to

    .. T = 293.15K = 20°C

    .. P = 1atm = 760mmHg = 101.325kPa

    note the difference...

    .. T is not the same.. it's closer to "room temperature"

    .. P is the NIST definition.. not the IUPAC definition

  • 7 years ago

    STP is



    and Pressure.

    It is also

    referred as

    NTP or Normal


    and Pressure.



    = 0 degrees

    Celcius or 273


    Pressure = 1


    Pressure or

    760 torr

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