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my dog is acting weird?

My dog normally only hangs on me if he wants me to feed him, if he needs his water bowl to be cleaned (he won't drink his water unless the water is crystal clear and the dish is clean), or he needs to go outside.

for the past couple of days he has been extremely clingy, I've washed his bowl gotten him food and such and the only time he doesn't act weird is when I send him out on his leash,

whenever I give him the command to go to his room he starts acting really weird, instead of going to the correct room he goes and climbs in the bathtub or sits in the living room.

I just want to know if this is normal or my dog has some weird problem.

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    You don't say how old your dog is but there is something called Canine Dementia that some older dogs experience. It's kind of like Senility in people. They get disoriented. If you have a younger dog I would take him to the vet. Whenever a dog changes it's behavior it means that they are trying to alert you to a problem in the only way that they know how. They can't talk and so they change their behavior. If this continues, I would take him to the vet for a wellness check. We can't be too careful with our babies.

    It's funny what you said about your dog and his water. My dog is the same. If the water isn't really fresh, he will stand by his bowl and look at me. He wont drink. I change his water sometimes 3 times a day.

    These links will help you determine whether or not your dog may be starting to experience dementia. There are sign to look for.

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    I can't tell you exactly what he is sensing but trust your dogs instinct. It could be he sences something maybe a change in the weather, earth quack comeing, etc.

    Dogs have been known to sense things way before humans know. Dogs are amazing you just have to pay attention.

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    If he is climbing into a bathtub he might want a bath ? Their might be a female dog "wandering" in your backyard.

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