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Fluke 189 multimeter reads "LEAdS" when turned on.?

I have changed the batteries and the fuses but that hasn't prevented "LEAdS" being shown on the screen. Does anyone have any advice?


Thanks for your answer, but I should have given more details - sorry.

I am using the correct option on the rotary switch. The trouble is the moment it is turned on it says LEAdS before any leads are put in and after the leads have been put in and the correct setting chosen. It ALWAYS shows LEAdS. In my case I'm trying to measure resistance. I have the leads plugged into the multimeter according to the diagrams in the manual and have chosen the setting nS for resistance like the manual says. But it does not work.

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    It sounds like the meter thinks there's a lead plugged into the µA/mA socket or the A socket.

    Try setting the meter to a mA current range, then the 10A range. Does the display stop showing LEAdS in either case? If so, the position that makes LEAdS disappear tells you that the related socket has the problem. If LEAdS never goes out, perhaps BOTH the µA/mA and A sockets have a problem.

    If the meter is new and has done this since new, return it under warranty. If not, I would open it and have a look to see how the meter detects probes being plugged into those sockets. Sometimes it's done by having the socket barrel split into two halves, and the plug connects the two halves together; sometimes it's done mechanically by detecting the presence of the cylindrical plastic surround around the plug.

    If you want to go further, join an electronics discussion forum. I participate in one called but there are MANY of them. Some of them focus on specific topics e.g. Arduino, and some are general.

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    Try turning the situation around, connect the leads for what you are about to do and switch directly to that setting. Also, if you have another meter around, check the battery currently installed in the meter too. It may be low, bad connection or possibly too hot. If this doesn't prove out, I'm up a tree at a distance on what to say.

    The manual also goes on to mention change Fuse 2 if Leads or Fuse is displayed. I just found that one on the next page from AVDADDYS quote.

    I hope this will help you out. Good luck!

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    Fluke 189

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    All of your answers are in the manual.

    "If a test lead is plugged into the mA/μA or A terminal, but

    the rotary switch is not correctly set to one of the current

    measuring positions, the Input Alert™ beeper warns you

    by making a chirping sound and the primary display shows

    "LEAdS". This warning is intended to stop you from

    attempting to measure voltage, continuity, resistance,

    capacitance, or diode values when the leads are plugged

    into a current terminal.

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    Fluke 187

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  • 5 years ago

    My multimeter equal failure was because it was in the rain, the open and dry it with hair dryer

    and the error disappeared

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