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I am writing a paper about becoming a mechanical engineer and one of the requirements is for?

The paper is to mention work unions. do you know any work unions in the US for mechanical engineers and do you know what the benefits are for joining that union. Please please please list the source

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    On August 23, 2012, the Chicago Tribune carried an article about the "Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace" filing a complaint against Boeing. This is a labor union representing more than 25000 engineers at Boeing and other US aerospace companies. The SPEEA has its own website ( where you could learn more.

    The International Metalworkers Federation has tried to build union strength in the Mechanical Engineering sector, but I don't think it has any standing in the US.

    The "International Union of Operating Engineers" has a large US presence, but consists of workers such as heavy-equipment operators, not "engineers" in the sense of designing the equipment or having professional engineering degrees.

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