Why are Christ' commands always said to be optional when Christ says otherwise?



@Cindy .. I believe them to be a commandment with Christ posing the very question several times in many ways "Why call me lord and not do what I say?"

This obviously references and denotes lordship, not a parable or prophecy

Update 2:

Its interesting we explain away what he commands from his very own words stating obedience because some like to liken his commands with "legalism", or the laws of Moses.

he says all things can be done through him and his yoke is light. The apostles call him lord and master and the term bondservant and slave are used by Paul and Peter many times. This denotes obedience as necessity. I don't understand how it can be explained away.

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    IMO,....... Jesus Christ/God-in-the-flesh did not change the Law(=Moses Law or Jewish Law). Thru His apostles, ie Peter the apostle to the Jews and Paul the apostle to the Gentiles, Jesus/God gave exemption to the newly invited Gentile Christians(GC)

    At ACTS.15:28-29, God(=the Holy Spirit) had exempted new Gentile Christians from most of Moses Law so as not to over-burden them. They were only required to start their new born-again lives(JOHN.3:5) as Spirit'ual babies by keeping/obeying 4 simple laws of Moses.

    .......If they had been required to immediately keep all the laws of Moses, many of them would hv abandoned the faith bc of the drastic changes to their lives and the heavy burdens of the Law.

    In effect, God gave them reasonable time to sanctify/purify/cleanse and transform their former lawless Gentile lives. They should do this by gradually feeding on Spirit'ual food(=Spirit'ual milk, then solid food), which is the laws/Word of God.(1COR.3:1-3)

    .......That was why JC commanded His disciples to partake of the Holy Communion, ie to eat His flesh(=the Word) and drink His blood(=that cleansed their souls thru the atonement of Adam's original sin). Read MATT.4:4 also.

    New GC should not remain forever in their former Gentile lawlessness(eg MATT.7:21-23) and take the grace of God for granted bc the wages of sin/evil-deed is spiritual death or shortened lives on earth, even if done ignorantly or foolishly.(1COR.6:9-11, DEUT.28:15, GAL.6:7, 1JOHN.5:16)

    .......Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.

    So, by the grace of God, new GC should exempt themselves from any law of Moses that is burdensome, eg circumcision, kosher food laws, animal sacrifices(LEV.4:2), keeping the Sabbath on Friday, etc.

    .......They should strive to learn n keep any law of Moses that is not burdensome, esp the moral laws, eg EXO.20(avoid idolatry, murder, adultery, stealing, lying, etc), LEV.10:9(avoid drunkenness/addiction), LEV.18:22-23, DEUT.18:9-14(avoid dabbling in the occult/witchcraft), etc. God's Spirit would help them to achieve this.(HEB.8:10, JOHN.14:26)

    .......This is the liberty mentioned by Paul.(2COR.3:17)

    Gentile Christians should heed the warning of Paul and Jesus/God, at 1COR.5:1-5, HEB.10:26-31 and REV.21:8 & 22:15.

    .......There are those who commit sins willfully/intentionally after receiving the truth, eg by following after demonic doctrines(eg Radical Grace, Prosperity Gospel, etc) or continue to commit sins ignorantly by ignoring the laws/Word of God. They run the grave risk of cursing God and die after suffering the curses/punishments of God for their sins/evil-deeds(eg terminal cancer), eg Job's wife.

    .......It was for sins that the Jews were suffering under Roman colonization when Jesus appeared on earth about 2,000 years ago = the Jews were cursed by God.

    Bear in mind, the first Christians were Jewish Christians, like the apostles Peter, John n Paul. They were required by God to continue keeping all of Moses Law bc it was not a burden to them, since they had kept the Law from childhood.(eg ACTS.21:26)

    .......Today, it would also be a grave mistake for a Jew who has just converted to Christianity to start disobeying the Jewish Law and begin to live like the lawless Gentiles(2TIM.3:10-17). It would be like a dog returning to its own vomit.(2PET.2:22)

    Christians hv to remember that the keeping of Moses Law can only give them a good and long life on earth. The keeping of the Law cannot give them eternal life after death. Only faith in Jesus can give everlasting life or the afterlife in heaven(JOHN.3:16).

    .......So, for new GC, faith in Jesus trumps the keeping of the Law. In other words, everlasting life trumps long life on earth. Hence, the exemption given to the new GC, ie allowing them reasonable time to adjust their earthly lives, according to their faith level. This was to ensure that new GC might be saved from hell, even if they had died soon after conversion.(eg LUKE.23:43).

    Without faith in JC, no one can go to heaven and be with the everlasting Father.(JOHN.14:1-7)

    Spiritual maturity is when believers(whether they r Jewish Christians or GC) perfectly keep the laws/commandments/Word of God(GAL.5:16-23) AND believe in the sacrifice of Jesus that had atoned for Adam's original sin.(ROM.5:12, LEV.17:11)

    .......This was the perfection that was missed by the law-abiding and rich young ruler who missed his possessions more than believing in Jesus and following after Him.(MATT.19:16)

    REV.13:11-18 says that a time is coming soon when all people of the world will be required by their govts to receive the Mark-of-the-Beast(=computer chip implants.?), in order to be able to buy or sell. Rejection of this Mark will mean persecution and death by starvation. God/Jesus has commanded or given a prophetic LAW to His people to reject this Mark or they will lose their salvation or their place in heaven.

    ....So, it is a fallacy for some Christians to say that all of the Old Testament laws(eg EXO.20?) or the laws/Word of God do not apply to them.

    P S - Normally, the blood of JC, partaken during the Holy Communion, can forgive unintentional sins/evil-deeds(cf: LEV.4), resulting in God not cursing/punishing the sinner. Such sins hv to be acknowledged and repented of. This is like the dispensation from the law , given to immature juveniles

    .......Intentional/willful sins/evil-deeds committed by unrepentant adult sinners cannot be forgiven and the sinners will hv to undergo the consequences, as per the law of ni4ni. The rare exception is when Jesus, personally, grants them pardon/forgiveness.

    On earth, God or His agents(eg the police/govt) does not curse/punish people for sinning-in-thoughts, eg for having immoral sexual fantasies. But this inborn trait of having sinful/evil thoughts causes all humans to be bound for hell after death, eg thoughts of hate, anger, lust, greed, jealousy, selfishness, fear/worry, doubt, etc.(MATT.5:27-30) This inborn evil/sinful trait has been inherited by all humans from Adam. Hence their need for Jesus to redeem them from Adam's original sin.

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    I agree. All we can do is give God as much attention as possible, remind one another when the time comes, and remember that Christ's commands are not the Laws of Moses. It's those who try to make the Laws of Moses a part of the Christian covenant that make things worse.

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    Jesus said, "If you love me, you will keep My commandments." I think this is an interesting turn of phrase. Is it a commandment? A prophecy? A promise? An encouragement?

    I think that perhaps it is all of these. Jesus' commandments are certainly not optional, BUT they are also not doable in our own strength. IF we love Him, draw close to Him, spend time with Him, they we will become the sort of persons who do naturally keep His commandments. Because ultimately it's not about keeping a list of rules, but about BEING like Him. It's about naturally living by the life of God -- which means that we walk in His love.

    Jesus' commandments are NOT optional, but we keep them not by an act of our will (though that certainly enters in), but rather by becoming like Him.

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    Because some of them just aren't realistic for today. One example: Don't work on a Sunday? REALLY? People have to work every day.

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    A sweeping generality. Specifics, please. All too often, someone says something like this, when they are referring to old covenant commandments that Jesus did not teach or command people to follow.


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    Because the bible is the big book of multiple choice.

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