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Why do MMA fans think a UFC would beat a great boxer everytime?

There are plenty of Guys that primarily use Boxing Alexander Goustofson Rampage Jackson Anderson Silva JDS Dominic Cruz all box with good Take Down defense,, People Talk about Randy Coture vs James Toney(Who was fat and didint look like he train for anything not even boxing let alone takedown defense) but what about Ray Mercer( Former WBC Boxing champ) vs Tim Sylvia( who is a former UFC Heavy Weight champ) Mercer KOed him. If you give a Prime Mike Tyson time to train and learn a take down defense he would kill any Fighter in UFC History in 3 mins or less, If you train a guy like Andre Ward or Canelo Alvarez to srawl and how to block takedowns like Goustofson did Jones they would easily beat a Benson Henderson easy


Chuck Lidell vs Tito Ortiz is a prime example of a boxer with takedown defense against a great grappler, Chuck block every takedown attempt and boxed him and koed him every time, if the MMA fighter cant get the boxer to the ground and keep him there he will get whooped

Update 2:

Your the one Trolling, your telling me that if a boxer wanted to learn a takedown defense he couldint? you sound stupid, Anderson Silva hasint used Mu thi in years, he looks like Roy Jones when he fights, And Chuck Lidell has a orthodox boxing stance and rearly throws kicks ive seen all his fights and that is not Karate, Machida does Karate has the Karate stance Chuck Boxes and Goustofson Has maybe thrown 3 kicks his whole career, Gousstofson is a boxer and at first he couldint block Take Downs he trained on it and now he can block them, A boxer with takedown defense murders any boring wrestler and you just cant admit it

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    heres the thing theres not 1 pure boxer who can beat a goog high school wrestler so dont get silly saying ppl can jump into the ufc without traing for it, ofcorse boxing is a huge aspect of mma i know that everybody does. go watch ufc 1 the arguement isnt if a high level boxer trains in mma for years its a pure boxer vs a amatur mma fight the amatur wins thats why i talk bad about broner and money cause ill trow those lil muthafukkas on there head and and knock them out i know i can stand with them even if i hit harder then mayweather and i got the 77 reach im 63 275 pounds even with that i cant out box them a guy like berto who knows grappling will beat but theres only 3 fighters i dont like broner and mayweather who i can beat up and bryan caraway who i hate the most who can beat me up

    btw in response to something you said a while ago anderson silva is black. do you not understand that you can be black and from brazil lol

    the mayweather style of boxing doesnt work in mma or a street fight you cant just not get hit in those situations mayweathers boxing style is the lay and prey of boxing


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  • Jack
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    6 years ago

    I used to box for almost 5 years before I moved on to MMA. I've heard people discuss this a million times and I think it's equally stupid every time. If a MMA fighter steps into the ring with a boxer fighting with boxing rules the MMA fighter will lose. If the boxer steps into the octagon with an MMA fighter fighting with MMA rules the boxer would lose. What is the problem with that?

    And seriously you sound incredibly stupid. Anyone who says that it's easy to learn bjj is stupid. It's far harder then boxing. It's incredibly technical, there is so much material to learn and timing is crucial.

    I would pay to see you try. Go down to a MMA or BJJ gym and try it out and then come back and say it's easy.

    I think boxing is a great art. I certainly love it and there are aspects of boxing training, such as headmovement, that surpass the training in MMA. But boxing has no kicks, no clinch and no ground work. That is a huge gap. There is no point in denying it.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Being I boxed 8 years before transitioning to MMA I probably have the least biased opinion here. First off, most of those fighters you mentioned have no boxing background. Yes, many fighters primarily use punching(I do) but MMA striking has a different dimension. overeem was a world champion kickboxer and has gotten KO'd in his last 2 UFC fights. You act like takedown defense is as easy as snapping your fingers. Carlos condit has trained wrestling his whole life and GSP took him down at will. As for Mercer v Silvia, he got a lucky punch in the first exchange. As Royce Gracie said, a pure striker has one opportunity to win, if not he just lost the fight.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    because mma fans have a hard time realizing that mma and boxing are 2 very different ways of combat let alone sports. Don't get me wrong the ufc has some very very talented strikers that are could compete at the highest level in boxing but not many, and they would have to hone their skills intitially for boxing. But if the best ufc striker and best boxer would go at it with boxing gloves, the boxer would win the majority of the time, because that's what they are TRAINED to do, Not to go into an mma bout and expected to get taken down and have a killer guard. Also another reason is that in both sports you have to have exceptional talent in whatever art of combat, and in the ufc every fighter has a serious set of skills that if tested against a pure boxer in a pure fight, the boxer litterally would be screwed 9/10 times. All the boxer would have is to get a knockout before getting taken down and then it's over for the boxer. Thats why ufc fans are so extatic about their fighters and the sport becuase it really is what would happen in a REAL fight.

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  • 6 years ago

    Not every time, they probably wouldn't in a boxing match. However, on the street or in an MMA match the odds would be in favor of the MMA fighter just because they have more tools at their disposal.

    - Hope this helps

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  • Dudeee
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    6 years ago

    They're MMA fans.

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