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Trade Offer: AJ Green For Dwayne Bowe and Ryan Matthews?

I would get AJ Green and would trade away Dwayne Bowe and Ryan Matthews. Who would get the better end of the deal?

Matthews is riding my bench currently and he is looking for a running back...his RBs are terrible.


I was also thinking:

AJ Green for James Jones, Ryan Matthews, and Daniel Thomas.......again, he needs RBs bad. What do you think?

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    You'd get the better end of the deal. Bowe hasn't developed a chemistry with Smith yet and

    Mathews has never lived up to expectations. The other deal isn't much better for him. I wouldn't accept either. I could get a better RB for Green from another team.

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    are u kidding? How is this a question? Take that deal in now before he cancels it..Green is a top 5 reciever Bowe and MAtthews suck

  • 7 years ago

    Considering how bad both are, I'd trade them away for even for someone like jordy Nelson or Torrey smith much rather aj green

  • Well seeing how Matthews and bowe aren't going to amount to sh*t this year, I'd say the one with Green

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  • 7 years ago

    AJ Green is a steal with just giving up those guys

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