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A visitor from Ghana?

My friend is coming from Ghana to visit me,how much will her visa cost and how long can she stay?

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  • 8 years ago
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    A visitor's visa costs $160 no matter which country the person is in, and is granted for a maximum of 90 days, though the duration of each individual's visa is determined by the Embassy. They could grant a visa only valid for 2 weeks

    As Ghana has one of the highest visa refusal rates (68% of applications are refused) and unmarried women are the highest group of refusals (as they are the most likely to overstay or attempt to commit marriage fraud by marrying on a tourist visa instead of going through the K1 fiance visa process), it's going to be extremely difficult for her to get a visa

    To qualify for a visa, she is going to need to prove

    - she is in full time legal employment earning a high salary. At her appointment she will need to show the Embassy her past 6-12 months of pay stubs and have a letter from her employer verifying her title, salary, dates of employment, and that the company is granting her leave and guaranteeing a job upon her return

    - she has enough money to cover ALL travel expenses without ANY outside assistance (flight, visa, passport, insurance, accommodation, food, transportation, spending money, etc ). She will need to provide her past 12 months of bank statements to show she has been saving money, the deposits into her account are consistent with her salary, and she has not received money from any outside sources. You cannot send her money for anything. If you have ever sent money, even as little as $10 for phone bills, her application will be rejected as that shows she is not financially independent and is at too high a risk of overstaying

    - she owns a home or other substantial property in Ghana, or she has a spouse or minor child in Ghana that she will return to. This proves her "strong ties" to her country

    Whatever you do, DO NOT send this person money for any reason or they won't ever come to the US. If you want to pay for anything, then you reimburse them IN CASH after they arrive in the US. Never before. She is going to have to prove to the Embassy that she is financially stable and is at no risk of staying in the US beyond the duration of her visa.

    And because Ghana is one of the capitals of online romance scams, if this person tells you they have a visa, you MUST verify it with the US Embassy. You can do so by emailing them at with the person's name and they will verify if they have ever granted this person a visa

    Read this page

    Ghana is the only country in addition to Russia and Ukraine where the US Embassy has an entire page devoted to romance scams as they are such a massive problem targeting Americans. Your friend might be honest but you can never be too careful

    Remember, ANYONE you meet online who asks you for money for ANY reason, no matter how desperate they sound, is always a scammer. There are NO exceptions to this. It doesn't matter what country they are from. Never send money for internet, phone, visas, flights, spending money, the fake "declaration fee" or "basic travel allowance" that scammers ask for, customs fees, bail from jail, medical bills or anything else

    If this person is legit and is not earning a high salary, then you may have to go to Ghana to meet her as an unmarried Ghanaian woman who is not working in a high level job earning a high salary has no chance of getting a visa to the US due to the extreme risk of overstaying

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