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Can a Convicted Felon become a Vet Tech in the state of Florida?

My fiancé is a Convicted Felon he has 2 Felonies. They are almost 2 years old though (based on when he got convicted.) They are: Dealing in Stolen Property, and Breaking and Entering. He's wanting to better himself for our son, so he can have a good life. He loves animals and wants to be a Vet or in that field if possible. Would having these 2 felonies stop him from pursuing his dreams? If so does anyone know of any other courses or classes he can take that don't require a background check?

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    First, he would have to check with the Florida State Board of Veterinary Medicine to see if they would issue him a license.

    Then, he would have to get an associate's degree (2 yrs.) in Veterinary Medicine from an accredited college. There are only 4 colleges in Florida that offer those. Those courses are extremely hard, mostly a lot of chemistry and microscopic studies. He would also have to work one semester in a large animal clinic and one semester in a small animal clinic. A lot of fun there, sticking your whole arm up the butts of cows and horses to find out if they are pregnant. He would have to wear coveralls and rubber boots, of course, as that is an extremely dirty job.

    After graduating, he would have to find a job with a veterinarian clinic. That's where the real hard part comes in, because they will likely do a criminal background check and then, when his felony record comes up, they might reject him.

    Honestly, I do not know of any career type job that does not require a criminal background check. So, he has just about as good a chance as getting any job out there.

    If I were him, I would try to go for it. You never know who might hire him. He should admit that he made mistakes and that he has learned his lesson and just wants a chance to prove himself.

    I sincerely wish you all the very best.

    Source(s): I watch "The Incredible Dr. Pol" (a veterinarian in Michigan), every Saturday night on TV. It's a great show and you should watch it. It's on the Nat Geo Wild channel #772 on my cable service. I love that show.
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    Vet Tech Florida

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