Should i get the ipad 3 or galaxy note 10.1 (Which one do think is better)?

Should i get the ipad 3 or galaxy note 10.1 (Which one do think is better)

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    Galaxy Note is good for reasons like:

    -- microSD slot

    You can simply add more space by adding a microSD card instead of being stuck with whichever internal memory you bought. I.e in iPad if you buy 16Gb you wont be able to change later

    -- iOS vs Android:

    The iOS 7 is good as per what I saw. But the Android OS is an open source OS where you can do pretty much everything without any kind of limitations, adding widgets and stuff.

    -- microUSB port:

    The USB port on Galaxy Note allows you to connect it to whichever device you want pretty easily without getting extra cables and spending more money. Plus the cable is universal as most of the mobile use the same cable, so you can find it cheap

    -- Split screen:

    It is a pretty cool feature. You can do two stuff on same screen at same time. For example you can be watching video on one half of screen and taking notes from that video on other half.

    -- S Pen and S Note app:

    The S Pen allows you to enjoy your device pretty well, again it is very good for taking notes and stuff. There is a feature where you just pull out the Pen and the S Note app would be launched to take notes easy

    -- Processor and Speed:

    The 2Gb RAM and Quad core processor make it the fastest and lagless, you can enjoy everything on it and not get slow response at any task

    -- Adobe flash:

    You have the browser with adobe flash support

    -- Price:

    The price of Galaxy Note 16Gb is lesser compared to iPad 16Gb

    Galaxy Note 10.1 vs iPad, comments from an actual user that I found to be really helpful:

    iPad has pros like:

    - Retina display:

    2048*1536 resolution @264PPI is really great for a tablet as everything is much sharper and better in quality. Whereas the Galaxy note 10 has 1280*800 display @149PPI.

    -- Apps:

    The other benefit you find on iPad is the variety of apps plus the HD apps made for iPad would be really in HD instead of being upscaled to fit screen.

    -- Accessories:

    You can find tons of useful and fun accessories in market for you iPad to be used with it

    Hope this helped!

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