Do smart people win in arguments with dumb radical people, eg feminists, christians, athiests etc?

If a person with knowledge of mathematics philosophy physics etc were in a debate about a certain topic with high school dropout yolo/swag/twerk/thug/hipsters who has the authority? Do dumb people use diagrams or charts or logic chains to help their argument? Does smart people using equations or mapping out a visible system have more power in an argument? Even a dumb person will flip out and argue about discounts at a store, even if a manager does the math and shows it to the customer, they don't seem to understand that $7.99 -$2.99 IS $5.00, and that they did get the discount. Or if you try to tell a christian that theyre a hypocrite for having sex with 20 girls before marriage at parties, or guys who cheat on women, they'll throw a self-righteous fit, or christians who claim people go to hell for being gay, but oohh adultery is fine, so is coveting! Gluttony is okay too, seeing morbidly obese christians putting around the store in the driving carts, burning out the motors in them.. nowadays its an insult to tell someone to 'slow down on the twinkies' when really its sound advice.. or asking a women-are-superior feminist to compete with you in music, math, programming, language, science, or any skill like that, can they prove that they are superior to you? GUESS WHAT? The yolo duckface thug twerkin blingin partying pill poppin coke snorting no-condom teen mom/dad people with a cross tattoo who let their 5 year old kids drink redbull win... theyre phasing widespread into all of society, soon facebook will become thugbook where everyone will be posting pics of their 3rd bong they bought this week, $300 each. Soon robots will replace many more jobs simply because the general public will be too dumb to do anything useful except light up a blunt, bump some tech nine, get their girlfriends pregnant but they can't afford a child so they leach more from the already overloaded welfare and social security.. or is that incorrect?

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  • 7 years ago
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    winning arguments isn't always about being smart is it? You sound a lot dumber than I'm sure you think you are. You'll do well to keep those kind of ignorant opinions to yourself, never assume you know anyones story. Algorithms and charts don't always have the answers.

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  • Eva
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    4 years ago

    +PAX Honey, we tried that in the 60's against everything "establishment". We opened a Pandora's box back then with "Make Love, Not War", "Tune in Turn on and Drop out", "Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll"! And it hasn't been closed since. You guys haven't done all these things yet. I have and now, my generation, the Boomers, are seeing what we produced... the hatred etc. The whole thing backfired... just as it will on you. I know you won't listen to me because we didn't listen either. Remember, we "never trusted anyone over 30!" because they obviously didn't know what they were talking about. Well... I'm 47 years-old now and I wish we'd listened. But, if you feel you must..a good old protest song is Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On'" If you can find a way to close that Pandora's box that we opened preaching "Love and Tolerance" You'll get a better response by closing it. In His Love, J- Remembering Spec David Munoz, KIA Vietnam

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your rant is stupid.

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