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what kind of insect bites is this?

This bite does not hurt at all,but it is kinda of itchy for a is welting up like not physically seen and it is not link together.may i know what kind of insect will leave a marking like that?

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    What type of insect is it depends on many factors? The size, the color, amount of legs, where you found it & also Insect bites itch, burn, swell or do some combination of these three things.

    Types of insect bites and illnesses

    Chiggers and mites can cause localized itchiness and swelling.

    The common housefly can spread human intestinal infections by contamination of human food.

    Deer fly bites can spread Tularemia.

    Lice can transmit epidemic relapsing fever and/or and the epidemic typhus rickets.

    Mosquitoes spread viral diseases such as, malaria dengue and yellow fever

    The sand fly can carry and transmit Elephantiasis.

    Tsetse flies can spread sleeping sickness in humans

    Ticks can transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses.

    Insect Bites vs. Stings

    The differences between insect stings and bites are due to the nature of the insect's defense.

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    Most suspected insect bites are actually fungal infections, generally tenea or sometimes candida. The itching really sounds like tenea

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