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Vegetarian/Vegan soy-free foods?

I live in Canada, and I was just wondering if anyond kmows of any soy free meat alternatives? Everything I see has soy in it, and I don't wanna eat soy anymore. Thanks!

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    Hi Rachel,

    You can try mycoproteins. The biggest company which comes to mind is the name "Quorn." Some of their products do have gluten and soy, so make sure you read the packaging, however the core ingredient is a fungus. (In this case a special type of fungi found in England) Sounds pretty odd, though it works well, has little taste and as with tofu will accept spices well.

    There's also some Bulgar Wheat options as well as Rice options, though they seem to be tougher to find.

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    you allergic to soy or something?

    if not, don't let people scare you out of eating soy, it's fine and healthy in moderation, but the meat alternatives are processed soy, so not as good.

    I don't know about substitues though, never eat them.

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    I usually substitute a mixture of home-prepared chickpeas and/or black beans, and diced raw/dry-roasted cashews, for "meat" in my various cooked dishes. I avoid highly-processed, crazy-ingredient, unhealthy prepackaged foods in favor or fresh whole foods in their natural forms.

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