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oh58 kiowa pilot requirements?

Hello, I've been considering joining the army as a pilot for quite some time. And I recently became interested in the oh-58 kiowa warrior. I know almost everything to know about it except for pilot requirements. To be a LOH pilot do you have to have experience with other helicopters first? Are Kowa pilots just a select group? Would the little bird be a better route? Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You'll fly what the Army tells you to fly.

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  • you know everything about "being 58 pilot" except of the pilot requirements?


    you know the:


    military regulations

    pilots operating handbook/manual for the Kiowa

    gunnery tables and FM1-140

    tactics of scout helicopters


    airspace composition

    you know how to perform the bounding overwatch and how to scan terrain for signs of enemy presence..

    you know how to set up the heads up display [lol, i'm joking.. Kiowas have just the windshield and grease pencil instead of HUD] for the gunner task

    you may even know how to fly the helicopter because you have experience from FSX...


    but you don't know what you need to become one?

    if you KNEW the SLIGHTEST real stuff bit, you'd know that Kiowas are in a long run intended to be replaced (the last attempt being the -72 Lakotas [failed]. so you've decided to pick the type at the end of its lifetime based on ... some sort of Top gun video about helicopters.

    i'm by no means belittling Kiowa pilots. Kiowas are at a time the most PILOTING experience, not the push the buttons kind of flying most other airframess turned into.

    Source(s): kid, you know NOTHING .. just a few youtube videos and some fancy hidden advertisement books. the requirements EXACTLY the same like for any other AAVN rotary airframe.. pass the WOC selection, pass the aviation medical, pass the all exams and academic knowledge tests and THEN you MIGHT get a chance to state your priorities. now, i sincerely expect that you'll delete the question in shame or at least block me.. let's see if you have the GUTS to face criticism.
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  • 7 years ago

    Looks like you do not know how the Army work as far as pilot selection -

    Getting selected as pilot is indeed much up to you -

    That is up to your qualifications and aptitudes -

    What helicopter type they assign you ON is up to your superior officers -

    In other terms "where do they need you" -

    All you have to say is "Yes Sir...!" -

    That is the way music goes in the Army...

    In the Air Force, the Navy, Marines or Coast Guard, works the same...

    Source(s): Retired pilot
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