In Zelda Classic quest Land in Lalaria how and where do I find the whistle please?

Here is the download link: also note to all forum staff members and all others: if I link to to this page it is not spam nor to spam nor but I do link to this page in hopes that someone will answer so that any, all etc. else who do need help finding the whistle in Land in Lalaria quest can look here for answers.


I meant nor both not nor but

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  • 7 years ago
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    Bumping to provide help and make topic more noticed again.


    ZC stands for Zelda Classic

    ZC downloads link:

    About ZC:

    Lil stands for Land in Lalaria

    When I downloaded Lil I first play Lil with ZC 2.10 which changed the Gohma in both Level 1 and Level 2 has been replaced with an unkillable (because you need to get the whistle which is in Level 2 but the first room above first room has doors which open when enemy gets destroyed) circle enemy dude.

    So to rectify (fix) the problem I highly recommend doing the following:

    #1: Download ZC 2.5

    #2: Install ZC 2.5

    #3: Download Lil

    #4: Use ZC 2.5 to play Lil

    #5: Save the game then if you have ZC 2.10 right click lalaria.qst and choose copy then copy lalaria.qst then in folder with ZC 2.10 files right click and choose paste to paste lalaria.qst this might fix the problem, not sure though.

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