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Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr?

of the 2 surviving Beatles whose the better singer/songwriter and musician?

Also is ringo's 1973 album Ringo good because it has Lennon on piano and backing vocals and wrote a couple of tracks and so do Harrison and McCartney

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    Of course I like them both, but Paul's probably had more variety in his career (Wings, solo work, Liverpool Oratorio, Ocean's Kingdom ballet, and the Fireman techno albums). Paul's also the official most successful composer in music history, according to Guiness.

    But even though I love the Beatles, I never have favorites. Ringo's still really cool and has a lot of good, fun songs to listen to. And definitely listen to the Ringo album, because it's probably the only solo album of his or any former Beatle that has all four members playing on it. Closest thing to a reunion we'll get, so check it out.

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    Paul McCartney.

    Ringo is fabulous and so lovable but based on singing/ songwriting and all around good musician- Paul, hands down.

    He has a wider vocal range.

    He wrote about half The Beatles mind-blowing, beautiful hit record as well as writing music for his own, very successful, band, Wings, and for himself as a solo artist.

    Yeah, it's alright- not just because of the other Beatles's contributions though- Ringo is a good musician in his own right.

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    The majority of all the beatles song were written by paul mccartney but as a team lennons name were on the songs....during the white albulm sessions paul mccartney was furious with the bad drumming of ringo and played the drums on the songs for the albulm. Paul mccartney not ringo is in the rock nroll hall of fame seperate from the beatles...brian epstein fired pete best as the drummer for a cuter replacement in ringo...i can go on and on and on you get it now

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    Paul McCartney hands down.

    Ringo is very talented in his own right.

    The Beatles wouldn't be The Beatles without Ringo.

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  • Jeff J
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    Paul McCartney and it's a very good album!It has some of my favorite Ringo songs on it! :)

  • Bob
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    8 years ago

    Yes, it's a good album. It's got the hits you'd expect on it. As to your first question, there's little doubt that it's McCartney. It's not even close.

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    Olá,Sophia .Tudo bem ?

    Eu particularmente prefiro McCartney . ...

    Por coincidência estou ouvindo Beatles agora :

    Youtube thumbnail


    Ringo também é muito bom ....

    I can speak little bit in English, but prefer not to risk it.

    Thank you

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    Paul,most definitely.

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    Mcartney because of the song he did michael jackson

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