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Where is our resource to have police and army to stop USA invade in movie red dawn?

In movie red dawn that released last year. The North Koren attack us and take over USA.

How could that be? We have police from local, states and federal, also each state have national guard plus US army.

You know to defense and to fight by having back up on the way and added more helps keep coming until situation got under control.

In my town, they has 8 full times police officers, also some of citizens carried gun, we also have national guard base at 12 miles away. Also army based at 15 miles away. There is a several swats team in big city about 35 miles away. We also have more police at next town 5 miles away that can come and help us.

Images there is thousand town like us who have similar resource across the USA.

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    The film isn't very realistic. The original film from the 80's had a more realistic feel to it. Back then, its conceivable that the Russians ( a vastly superior army to N.Korea) could have made its way to the West Coast of the USA. Although we would have probably detected them long before they got here. But there was still a small chance of it happening. The new film just isn't realistic at all with all of the technology we have today

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