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I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but took a test and came back negative?

So i took a test and it came back negitive. Im 12 days late. Sick to my stomach. Back ach. Breaking out. Should i take another test? Or go to the doctor. Someone help please


Im not trying. Im having stomach problems. Im getting dizzy and nauseous

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    Take another test in the morning, Then ring doctors regardless of whether the test is negative or not. Are you trying for a baby? because when your trying for a baby it tends to put stress on you and then it can make your period be late. So what ever just don't stress and ring doctors after you take test :)

    Plus you can have the same symptoms for periods and pregnancy a lot of the time.

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    First, symptoms cannot confirm pregnancy as symptoms of pregnancy are similar to those of period.

    You may want to test again a few days later to confirm. Do it in the morning immediately after you wake up, do not take any fluid before that to ensure accuracy.

    You can refer here for more information on pregnancy test as well as reasons for late period, but negative pregnancy test

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    Tests are often unreliable. You can take another test, but it would be the best to go to the doctor, then you'll know for sure. It really does sound like you are pregnant. In that case, congratulations, I guess.

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    Take another test see what it say if it still says negitive go doctor

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    Go for a blood pregnancy test at hospital

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