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How do I transfer money internationally?

I invested money in real estate in Ecuador, I rent out the homes and make 1,300 monthly from the rent, I would like to know how could I transfer that money from Ecuador to over here, in the U.S. International banking? If so, what banks can I use, are there any fees? Please list any way I can transfer the money over, not just international banking. I do have somebody over there in charge of the money for me right now.

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    Money Gram will cost you about $50 to send $1300.

    Western Union charges 12%.

    PayPal works too if the person in charge of your money (or your renters) have a PayPal account.

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    Overseas money transfers are possible through your bank as well, though you will often require a lot more information, including the name and address of the account holder, information about the financial institution the money is being sent to and the SWIFT or IBAN of the recipient bank. International wire transfers sent in American dollars will cost you around $45. Funds sent in foreign currencies will cost about $35. Rates may vary depending upon your bank.

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