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What is Portugal, Spain known for?

Hi, I'm taking a trip to Portugal, and I want to know what I can buy there that Portugal is known for. Maybe they make good handbags. Or good watches? I don't know. You tell me. Thanks for the help!


Hi, sorry, I got a little confused there. What can I buy in Portugal? (Not Spain)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Portugal and Spain is all Iberian Peninsula and you came back to say sorry. No problem:)

    I just have to say the same as I did before.

    High quality filigree in silver and gold as well as other items in good silver and gold.

    Portuguese needlework carpets called Arraiolos Carpets.

    Top quality porcelain from VA means Vista Alegre to be found in their own shops and other china shops.

    Very nice naïf art in clay as well as a all lot of pieces in clay. From tiny bawls till full dining sets. Statues and small easy carrying pieces in art.

    Wicker baskets from extraordinary quality as well but difficult to carry.

    A lot of pottery from all regions in the country. Nearly any small village as is own production. Nice wall plates and everything you can think is to be found.

    Shoes. We make very good shoes we mainly export to all world

    Canned fish in small cans. Mainly sardines but a all butch of things more.

    Very good wines and the famous Port Wine and Madeira Wine. Prices can varies from shop to shop.Better check a few shops before buying it.

    A especial portuguese wine only to be found here. Vinho Verde (Green Wine). at least try it.

    Embroideries in linen. The drawings are very different from region to region. In big cities you find shops selling them from everywhere. Made in the North or in Madeira island are nicest in my opinion but all expensive this days.

    Anything in hand made LACE. Be careful in case you go for this. Many times tourist buy it made in China. Better have someone with you with some knowledge of this things.

    Portuguese TILES, antique, old or new. Beautiful and no doubt a good gift from Portugal. Prices can be very different if you go to flee markets, antique shops or buy them new. New and copy from the antique are quite nice and fair price. We this for sure you have been in Portugal.

    FADO- A kind of music typical from Portugal. Go to a Fado restaurant and listen. Tourists buy a lot of Fado CD's. Also a nice gift.

    The biggest sin you can carry with you in the last moment:) Portuguese pastry, mostly conventual or made in monastery's. The most famous one is the Pastel de Nata. In Lisbon tourists make queues and make a touristic bus jam just to get them to bring home as a gifts just by the monastery they claim to be invented.

    About the cork. Everyone knows about portuguese cork but most people do not know this days cork products are far more sophisticated than never. You can have all kind of bags in cork, travel bags, laptop bags, lady's bags, small items and the most surprising one is some winter coats in cork. They are sold downtown Lisbon and some online. Some american pop stars they demand especial items from the factory and those are not to be seen in the shop. Get a cork tie. They are nice.

    Look! I might have forgotten one thousand things. Anyway I guess I gave you a good help.

    Just pay attention to goods made in China.

    We are also known for our excellent food and wine. Talk to Portuguese people. Most people speaks English, is nice, kind and helpful.

    If you have the chance travel a bit. This is a small country. In a faster train you do it from the top up to the bottom in 6h

    Nothing wrong with Portuguese landscape, the nice big white sandy beaches, high summer temperatures and mild winters

    Come and see it by yourself:)

    I'm Portuguese and I've worked with tourists all my life. Lately I had a shop for tourists downtown Lisbon.

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  • 4 years ago

    Paulo S - Thati a great list. I have been to Portugal many times

    and loved it !!

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