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Where I can find a arm deport in lebanon? Israelis say lot of arm deports in lebanonese . Where I can find one?



Update 2:


Is this true?

Update 3:

@chabzar So there is a Lebanese army?

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    Good Article, though I don't quite understand your question:

    If you where asking this: Where can I find a Hezbollah weapons depot?

    Then this is my answer: It's very simple. Just check their Mosques, that is what Mosques are built for, a fortress (much like the crusader castles) to store ammunition.

    @The more intelligent Radroud (as in secret service intelligence): I'm just stating reality. Not trying to be racist. After all, a huge stockpile of ammunition was found in the mosque that Ahmad Al Assir the war lord was residing in. What says it isn't true in Hezbollah areas? After all, it's a good idea to store weapons in a mosque. Because if someone attacks the mosque claiming it is a bastion of weapons then all the Radicals say that they are intolerant and racist towards Islam when the attackers were just trying to empty the mosque of weapons.

    An example of such is when the Palestinians sabatoged and used the Lebanese Meghan Abraham Synagogue as a weapons depot. Which resulted in Israël bombing the Synagogue to remove the weapons. Now the Palestinians say that Israel bombed the Synagogue because they are anti semetic.

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    I had to shorten my question Yahoo Answers said it was too long.

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    EDIT: Well maybe if Hezbollah did this:

    1.) Handed over it's weapons to the Lebanese army

    2.) Put themselves under control of the Lebanese people (not Christians, not Druze, Not Sunnies, Not Shiites, Not Iran, Not Saudi Arabia, The Lebanese.)

    3.) Joined the Lebanese army instead of joining some Iranian sponsored charity program

    Then maybe the Lebanese Army wouldn't be so weak. Of course what I suggested above can't all be done at the same time, it has to be a slow process of transferring power from Hezbollah Nation to Lebanon. Organisations like Hezbollah are crippling Lebanon.

    Lebanon will n-e-v-e-r have a strong army as long as one stronger remains. It's like in the United States the Republicans say they have formed an army called the: "Republican Army" stronger than the American Army to fight off the Mexicans. And 50% of Americans will join the Republican army instead of joining the American Army. Which would weaken the United States as a whole.

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    EDIT: @Radroud: This is a tough question.... After the Army accepts all the weapons from Hezbollah and sees the total dissolution of that organization (and all other military organizations) they announce to the West and Iran that they have put the weapons under the control of the State and it is to the Lebanese to decide on what they want to do. The only problem is that the Lebanese Army can only accept weapons from the West or from Iran, not both. Let me think of a solution for this.

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    EDIT: @Radroud: There is something conflicting right now, If Hezbollah is dissolved and the weapons are given to the Lebanese Army, then the Lebanese Army can only take one side, the Western Side, or the Syrian-Iranian Eastern Side. If the Lebanese Army takes the Western Side then the Lebanese Shias will not be happy that the country is following the West. If the Lebanese Army takes the Eastern Side then the Druze, Most of the Christians, and Sunnis will not be happy that Lebanon has chosen the Syrian-Iranian Eastern axis. So at the moment the only solution I can find so that both opposing groups are happy is that we divide the country. :( Unless you are capable of finding a solution that makes all of us happy.

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    You know, I'm just going to end the conversation and leave it at this: HeZboLLaH is only loyal to Iran, and Syria. Lebanon (as a label on the map) is an enemy to Hezbollah. I'm not going to reply to anything anymore. I just don't feel like it. We can agree that we disagree for this particular subject.

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    EDIT: @Radroud: :D I like your ability to reason and not lose it, or block me like some people have just because they disagree with my views. Not many users on Yahoo Answers are like that. I'm not gonna answer the last question you asked me though because It will just lead into another full fledged discussion. Which I don't really want to do anymore lol.

    It was a good debate though. :)

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    EDIT: @Jack the Elder: There is a Lebanese army but it's pretty insignificant. The most it can do is keep some Palestinian camps under control.

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    Well,besides Charbel's intelligence(intelligence as in secret service) i dont know and they could do a much better propaganda


    @Charbel, do you have evidence or you are just saying it. You don't, you're falling for the Israeli media which its role is to demonize Hezbollah just like the Hezbollah's media's role is to demonize Israel. Israel claims that everything it destroys contains weapon, they blew up many trucks saying that they contain weapons but there was no weapons. They also attacked many other stuff claiming they contain weapons but they didn't,weapons are explosives and hitting them would cause major explosions. Hezbollah did say whenever a weapon storage was hit,because he can't deny it,the explosions mark if it contained weapons or not.


    @Charbel i'm talking about Hezbollah. I know about Assir(i hope he's dying somewhere), and i don't know about the PLO nor do i care(because f*k them). so no you didn't give me any evidence about Hezbollah hiding weapons in mosques.


    @Jack "One hears many things my Lord, as if the truth is among them is not clear."- Harry Potter 7 :P

    Speculations are not truth.


    @Charbel you just committed a very serious logical fallacy which is generalization. Can i compare all the armies in the world? North Korea has a secular army and France has a secular army, can i say both Army are inhuman? Moreover, Hezbollah are very different from Salafists.

    I also support having a strong Lebanese Army,and whenever we have one my support for Hezbollah will become 0, however,i don't support throwing our only means of defense before building a strong army.


    @Charbel, if Hezbollah melts into the Army, how will the Army buy weapons to this group ? It can't accept such a big quantity from Iran or it will be seen as an enemy of the west,and that will probably cripple the economy even more with possible sanctions. And if the Army had enough money it would have been strong before. I believe Lebanon can have a strong Army while Hezbollah is still here, and i believe the stronger the Army and the state get the less influence Hezbollah will have and in the end Hezbollah will become part of the Army.


    You are talking like it's a very easy thing to do. I believe the first step is to make Lebanon secular, Hezbollah secular and then Lebanese as a whole can decide what camp to jump to. I don't believe the West would support Lebanon and let it be stronger then Israel. And i'm also scared of Amercanizing the Lebanese economy.


    I don't mind debating, i won't hate you for it, we can agree or disagree and no tension will result from it whatever your opinion is. As for being loyal to Iran and Syria, i don't really see why consider them loyal and not allies ? Hezbollah does rely on Syria and Iran for military aid and funding,but will Hezbollah obey whatever they say or are they allies? If they are loyal then give me an example of something Hezbollah did that didn't benefit Lebanon(after the Lebanese civil war and preferably after 2000)


    OKay :)


    @Jack yes there's a Lebanese Army, but it's not strong enough to beat Israel.

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  • 6 years ago

    What the hulk is a "arm deport"?

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  • RG
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    I agree with charbel

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