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Am having a debate on reality tv does more good than harm?

I need good strong points to debate on.. N I have never debated before.. So any tips can be appreciated. I have the debate tomorrow so plz answer ASAP

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    The harm reality TV does to the watcher is time wasting! The harm it does to the filmed is variable. Some have fun with it, (Joan Rivers & Daughter) and for others, it's a train wreck. (Think of John & Kate + 8 and Anna Nicole Smith) And...we all need to remind ourselves that there are many layers of falsity between the lives of the people themselves, the show and ourselves. As far as shows like Trump's and Survivor, I wonder if the participants understand what they're getting themselves into. You can screw up your reputation on those those shows. The producers are ALWAYS looking for drama, tears, disputes, underhanded tricks, people talking dirty, or dirty behavior--or even appearing to be dirty! Every show is edited to size, and in most cases it gives a false impression. Reality?? You jest! In a couple of minutes you could have thought of those points next time, you will have to do your own school assignment with your own little grey cells, my dear. Good luck with your debate.

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