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i want to be a rapper, what equipment can i use?

I have a couple of connections and phone numbers with a couple of guys to make music but I don't know where they're place is at. I want to make my own music but I don't have a studio. what things can I buy and what can I do to put my music out to social media? I have $1250 and i'm willing to spent a lot of that money that's rap related. . I know this sounds crazy but I have a preference where I want to get signed. I want to be with tde because im a big fan of Kendrick lamar and black hippy. is there a way I can send my music to that label specifically? or if I go to there concert and request for them to hear my CD? also check my verse out and tell me what you think

got the game on lock and going for the trigger

your sliding on thin ice with those skates go figure

when I dive in the pool of spitting I don't think I just act

take shots at me best believe im gonna react

hell no not talking about physics just voicing the truth

flashing fists will leave you tooth-less

indestructible bullet proof attacking cuz Im ruth-less

just remember that your whole life is a mistake

just a bich azz nigguh that's fake

yo girl's azz so fat feel like my di-ck's about to break

like a jaguar in the jungle

i'm ready to rumble

with the ball you fumble

eat your soup like gumbo

im staying steady you tumble

watch out cuz your whole empire's about to crumble

breaking bones off of these rappers like aww damn I just snapped

got plenty weapons and arsenals, hell yea I stay strapped

ready for war, going hard core

locking and loading, then exploding

i'm raining acidic might as well just face it

knock you off so hard that you went back to the basics

slam the hammer let's close the case

just bodied your azz and getting off free, didn't leave a trace

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    You don't need any equipment, you just need to have little education, no concern for making sense, and complete abandonment of the English language.

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