Are most Orthodox Jews Israel Firsters?

With the exception of the ultra-Orthodox who are strongly anti-Zionist, would the majority of American Orthodox Jews fit the description of an Israel Firster?

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    I am not sure what an Israel "Firster" is. It suspiciously reads as if you are asking if the majority of American Orthodox Jews put Israel first in loyalty over the United States? That kind of charge has been hurled at Jews for centuries, that Jews are not loyal to the country in which they reside because we consider our own people or the land of Israel above everything else we can't be patriotic.

    While Israel and the desire for it to be in peace and for Jews to live in our homeland in peace and under self-rule has existed for more than two thousand years and remains strong among the Jewish people, Jews are historically no less loyal to the countries they live in and call home.

    History has shown that Jews are no less loyal citizens than any other American. Jews have proven ourselves as loyal citizens to our countries in peace and in war and that antisemitic canard began during times in European Jewish history in Diaspora countries where Jews were forbidden by law to bear arms or own property and when attacked their only choice was to hide or flee, thus began the accusations of cowardice or lack of loyalty.

    Your additional details also contain a fallacy.

    Even among those Jews considered "ultra-Orthodox" , there is only a very small fringe element of Jews who consider themselves "anti-Zionist". And there aren't very many of them in the United States, they are primarily living IN Israel.

    Zionism is the belief that Jews have a right to live in their homeland in peace and have the right to self-rule and sovereignty in their homeland. Notice that most of the "anti-Zionist" fringe element among the "ultra-Orthodox" actually live in Israel. What they are against is not the right of Jews to live in the homeland of Israel in peace, but they are against the State of Israel to exist as the secular democratic government that now stands.

    They want a theocracy. They do not believe Israel should exist as a country until the Messiah comes to rule.

    This is FAR different than the image portrayed by those who wish to deny the Jews the same basic human rights that all people are afforded under the Declaration of Human Rights. Outside of that fringe element, the only other "anti-Zionists" are those who would deny for the Jews, the same human rights they will proclaim they demand for Muslims who have a number of theocracies surrounding Israel.

    The fringe element among the Orthodox, the Neturei Karta, numbering quite a bit less than the number of Scientologists in the world who believe humans are all alien spawn from a non existent planet called THETA, are against Israel existing because it is not a theocracy and because it is a secular state. This miniscule group on the farthest fringes of Judaism advocates the “dismantling” of the State of Israel until the messiah comes to establish a theocratic state.

    The Neturei Karta are also disrespected by a majority of Jews, Orthodox included.

    The State of Israel's laws protect the religious and civil rights of all their citizens, not just their Jewish citizens, and the holy places of all religions there are protected by law.

    To accuse Jews of a lack of loyalty to the country they live in a longstanding antisemitic canard. (you can look up examples of this in the 19th century, including the topics, Dreyfus affair, Dolchstosslegende, and Rootless cosmopolitan if you don't wish to take my word on that)..

    This question is really close to reading like that especially with its exaggeration about ulta-Orthodox anti-Zionists.

    If a reader claims to agree with the ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist, then he is saying he believes Israel is indeed the homeland of the Jews and Jews have a right to live there in peace, but he believes that it shouldn't be an independent country called Israel until the Messiah rules it as a theocratic government with the Torah as the law of the land.

    I don't think that is what most who say they are anti-Zionist mean. Most anti-Zionists usually REDEFINE Zionism to mean something repugnant TO Zionists, and use antisemitic canards and egregiously offensive war mongering libels to justify claims that the Jews don't have a right to exist in their homeland in peace, and some use those lies to claim Jews and Israel should be exterminated...

    and others us the absurd lie of "apartheid" created by the PLO in the 60's that still has no evidence to support it in a country whose laws protect the civil and religious freedom of all citizens (* unlike Jordan, Syria or Lebanon ) but it's a odd quirk that people who profess to be for human rights

    will find fault with Israel whose laws protect the same..and claim it has no right to exit

    but will not find fault with theocracies whose countries openly persecute and discriminate against Christians and Jews

    Source(s): me, the daughter of a Jewish WW2 Navy veteran who was one of the men who typed up the surrender papers that Emperor Hirohito signed ending the war with Japan. My Dad, raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, celebrated his birthday that year by participating in that historical event. My Dad and his Orthodox parents were all Zionist, and so am I. Prayers for Zionism are in every siddur in every synagogue. Am Yisrael Chai.
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    Orthodox Jews are orthodox not because of an allegiance to the modern State of Israel, but because they adhere to the Code of Jewish Law. A major difference between Jewish law and Sharia, is that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are already completely harmonious with Jewish law...the ruling of Jewish law is that Dinah D'Malchuta Dina - "the law of the land is the law"...i.e. Whereas Sharia CANNOT be in compliance with the Bill of Rights because the 1st Amendment is problematic for Islamic law.

    Furthermore, it is important to note that there can be more than one reason for supporting Israel in general. While many Israelis and Modern Orthodox believe that the founding of modern Israel was the Hitchalta D'Geulah (Judeo-Aramaic for "onset of the redemption"), nearly all Hasidic and Litvisher Jews do not believe in this concept. Even Chabad-Lubavitch is not a proponent of Zionism per se, rather they are in favor of Jews getting closer to their Jewish identity in whatever way they do and are for the safety and security of their Jewish brethren that live in Israel since there are only around 14 million Jews worldwide. Incidentally, over 70% of the Jews living in Israel today were born in Israel. When the Zionist movement started gathering a lot of steam in the late 1800's, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Schneersohn famously said in regard to the Zionist movement known as B.I.L.U. (acronym for "Bais Ya'akov Lechu V'nelcha" (Isaiah 2:5) "O, House of Jacob, let us go..."), that is they had only finished their acronym with the rest of the verse "B'Or Hashem" - "In the light of G-d" he may have been persuaded to join them (i.e. had these activists not been secularist socialists).

    Most orthodox Jews are politically conservative and are proud Americans because the country has allowed them to pursue their religious devotion with more freedom than anywhere.

    On a side note, my family (Jewish) is full of military veterans and the has been in the US since colonial times...Chances are I'm "more" American than most of the anti-Jewish crowd

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    No one is an "Israel Firsters". Just like it would be unfair for me to call the loyalty of anti Israel Americans into question merely because they have an extrmist view that is out of step with most Americans it would be unfair for you to do the same to others.

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    I am Orthodox. I live in an Orthodox community. Most of us are very proud Americans. I am also a citizen of Israel. When living there, I put Israel first. When living here I put the US first. Most Jews actually are VERY loyal to the countries they lived in.In fact,many Jewish victims of WW2 had served in the German trenches during WW1.They found it hard to believe their country had turned on them because they were in fact,....very loyal Germans at first.

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  • 7 years ago

    Many modern orthodox Jews are, but probably not most.


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    If you mean they are selected to go to heaven, then no, SPIRITUAL Israel are "firstfruits" now, the covenant between God and PHYSICAL Israel has been done away with because they rejected God and his son.

    Source(s): The Bible
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