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Which division is worse: AFC East or NFC East?

You know something's wrong when the Cowboys look like the best team in the NFC East, and the Patriots look like a 9-7 team at best.

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    The AFC East looks much better than people are giving them credit for. The Bills beat the Panthers. Jets have a win over the Bucs. Fins have a win over the Colts. With Miami and New England the AFC East looks to have two teams make the playoffs. The AFC East is much better than it's been giving credit for. The AFC North is much worse. I'd say the AFC East is even better than the AFC South. If the Fins can beat the Falcons tomorrow than that would be another game for the AFC East over the NFC South. The NFC North really has the Packers as the Bears will likely falter, so the AFC East as a whole is better than the NFC North. Denver looks to be the class of the AFC and the Chiefs look to emerge this year, so the AFC West might be better than the AFC East. The NFC west has the 49ers and Seahawks that are Super Bowl contenders, so I'd rank the NFC West stronger for those two teams. The AFC East looks to be the third strongest division after two weeks into the season.

  • IF this was asked 2 seasons ago, I would've said AFC East no doubt, but the NFC East has really declined... Every team in the NFC East is currently on a losing streak, and there's a few teams in there that should be winning most matches. But, we are early in the season, so it could change

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    NFC East its horrible the cowboys win with a 6-10 record at most

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    The NFC East. New England and Miami would both win this div. if they played there.

    Washington is overrated, Dallas is erratic, Philly is rebuilding which leaves the Giants as probably the best team here in the end.

    8- 8 may be good enough to win the NFC East this year...

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    7 years ago

    AFC North is worse than both of them

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    Cowboys are derelicts.

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