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if Toyota has TRD, what does BMW have??

What are exclusive sponsors for BMW?

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    TRD isn't a sponsor. It's a division within Toyota Motors that specializes in performance upgrades and racing.

    Toyota Racing Development

    If you want the same thing from BMW you'd have to go to the "M" series of vehicles and look at BMW Motorsports for performance and racing upgrades.

    The difference between Toyota and BMW. BMW cars are already high performance vehicle right out of the factory.

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      But are there exclusive stuff like Spoon for honda? And Toms for Toyota? :/

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    TRD at Toyota is more marketing hype consisting of decals and stickers on the vehicle than anything else. At a brief glance, it's more cosmetic than engineering-based.

    BMW's M division operates as a separate entity and much of their work is devoted to engineering unique performance vehicles.

    Neither TRD or M can be accurately classified as "sponors" since they are both in-house divisions.

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