How should I word my wedding invitation response cards?

To keep the guest list down (because it could easily double), avoid drama, and frankly cut costs of my wedding, my fiancé and I have decided that in terms of an invited guest bringing a guest, they must be married or engaged. So no boyfriends or girls friends or "dates". I bought a print your own invitations kit. How do I word the response cards? I feel like if I don't say anything, all my response cards will be coming back with a plus-one-guest and then I'll have to call everyone and that could get really awkward so how should I properly word the response cards as politely as possible that I'm not allowing people to bring a date unless they are married or engaged?

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    When you prepare the invitation, fill in the first blank:

    We have reserved __seats in your honor.

    Number of guests attending __

    Or if you have a small guest list, you can print their names on each individual RSVP:

    Mr. John Smith

    will attend________ will not attend_______

    Mrs. Jane Smith

    will attend________ will not attend_____

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  • 6 years ago

    Blunt has it right.

    ___reservations have been made in your honor

    ____ will be attending.

    and be sure to address the inside envelope to the person you are inviting, and add "one guest" if you want them to have a guest, and leave that off it you don't.

    Don't put any other details on the RSVP card or in the invitation. You do not want to talk down to your guests by saying anything about your rules.

    But, if someone calls and asks, you can nicely tell them that your budget allows for x amount of people, and you are sorry, but you can't afford it. they should understand that.

    Rivers might allow people who have been living together to bring their guest, since that i so common these days. But it is your budget, not mine.

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  • 6 years ago

    Address the inivitations by names of the invoted guests only. Mr & Mrs John Jones; Mr Steve Jobs & Ms Cinderella Smith. And then have their names printed on their response cards as well.

    This worked for us. Only 1 person added someone to their RSVP, but it was her adorable just adopted 3 year old (so this was also a convenient way for everyone to met the little girl), so we just couldn't say no.

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  • drip
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    6 years ago

    It is how you address the envelopes.

    the outside should say Mr. John Smith and the inside envelope should say John

    If you are inviting a married couple

    Mr and Mrs John Smith- John and Jane on the inside envelop

    And for an engaged couple

    Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Jones. inside John and Jane.

    Sorry but there is no way you can put on the response card any wording that says NO plus one's

    Unless your RSVP cards are going to have each guests name on it- you would need to print off each one separately.

    Mr. John Smith

    will attend_______

    will not attend_________

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  • whimsy
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    6 years ago

    Cathy, you're really asking a lot dear. Of course if they are married it's obvious that they would both attend. However, you are still going to get extra people coming as dates; they just won't inform you beforehand.

    That said, I would only invite married or engaged couples for the all-day celebration, and just friends (and their girl/boy friend) for the evening.

    That way, you won't upset anyone.

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  • 6 years ago

    You can do a presentation invitation stating that entrance by invitation presentation only, meaning invites must be presented at door to get in.


    At bottom under RSVP

    Strict number of guests per venue regulations.

    RSVP names only, no additions, due to venue size and safety restrictions, fire code, security ,

    insurance coverage., etc.

    RSVP guests only, venue strict security regulations per num

    Empty seats, if someone's thoughtless enough to ask, say guess they are not attending.

    RSVP guests only, due to venue size and limited seating.

    RSVP guests due to limited seating.

    No children unless stated on the invitation envelope. Limited seating.

    May not be wedding etiquette but gets the point across.

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