famous people with initials LS?

Anyone historic or current who's famous.

I can only think of Liev Schrieber and Leland Stanford (the founder of Stanford U)

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    Larry Storch (actor, "'F' Troop")

    Laura San Giacomo (actress, "Just Shoot me")

    Luke Scott (Baltimore Orioles)

    Lori Saunders (actress, "Petticoat Junction")

    Lori Siebert (designer)

    Laura Schlessinger (Dr. Laura)

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Lane Staley (musician, "Alice in Chains")

    Liz Smith (freelance correspondent)

    Lesley Stahl (correspondent, "60 Minutes")

    Lisa Simpson (daughter of Homer and Marge)

    Lara Stone (model)

    Lynne Spears (mother to Britney and Jamie)

    Lacey Schwimmer (DWTS)

    Lawrence Summers (economist)

    Levi Strauss (maker of Levi jeans)

    Lynn Swan (sportscaster)

    Lynn Sweet (Washington, DC columnist)

    Lauren Marlene Storm (actress)

    Lucy Stone (abolitionist)

    Liz Stewart (designer)

    Leslie Sansone (exercise guru, QVC)

    Laura Savini (PBS)

    Larry Sinclair (polital commentator)

    Lenny Sullivan (musician, "'E' street Band")

    Luren Sanchez (news anchor)

    Lauren St. John (authour)

    Louis Sachar (authour)

    Laurie Sargent (singer)

    Loretta Spruell (American Idol)

    Lee Strobel (authour, columnist)

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