Is it bad that my lights dim when my subs hit?

I have a 400 watt Jensen amp . And a diehard gold battery . Just wondering if this is anything serious

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  • 7 years ago
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    Get a High Output alternator. The biggest made for you vehicle. It will solve most of most of your electronic needs.

    I purchased 2 H.O. alternators from claiming it is 220 amp output, but my car can only fit a 200 amp alternator.

    The first one lasted just over 3 yr, then died, my second one lasted abt 1 month then died. I tried emailing them with no response. I found out it has a 1 yr warranty, so my first one is out, but the second one was still under and did not want to deal with this company. I then purchased a 180 amp alternator. from Load and it sill works. I decided to have one rebuilt locally, a 200 amp alternator. Installed it in Jan. 2013 and still going strong. It was cheaper with a lifetime warranty as long as I own the vehicle.

    Check these sites is a good reference.

    - Also check this out and all related videos...Look for the guy in the blue collared shirt. Type “car audio systems” in the search engine. He gives a lot of very good info.

    If your headlight dims with the bass notes, the “BIG 3” might work. If not an H.O. alternator will be needed, or else be prepared to pour a lot of $$$ for batteries.

    This site explains the "BIG 3" upgrades.

    I've designed my car for SQ (Sound Quality) not SPL (Sound Pressure Level) my imaging is very good. The bass sounds as if it is up front and my 12 inch sub (picture as shown) in the trunk. I LOVE how it all worked out.

    GOOD LUCK and have fun…

    List of items for my ride:

    Head Unit: Alpine DVA - 9861


    - EpiCenter (by: Audio Control)

    - Apex (by: Kove Audio)

    - EQ (by: Clarion - EQS746)

    Amp: JL Audio 300/4 and 500/1 (constant 800 watts)

    Cap: One Rockford Fosgate1 farad Cap

    Front: MB Quart 216

    Rear: Boston Acoustics (6x9) SX65

    Sub: 1 Eclipse 12" Alum. 4 ohm DVC (Dual Voice Coil)

    Battery: DieHard AGM Battery, Platinum P-4 - Group Size 34/78DT

    Alternator: 200amp, rebuilt

    Using a dual ANL fused D-block in the engine bay

    1/0 ga wire to D-block (input and output)

    - ANL 200 amp fuse (used for H.O. Alternator)

    - ANL 300 amp fuse (used for power wire to amp)

    - Hyper Ground System (by: Sun Automobile U.S.A. Inc.)

    - “BIG 3” upgrade

    Please comment…


  • 7 years ago

    No its perfectly normal, your sub uses a lot of power and when it kicks in your voltage goes low and you alternator quickly charges it back up...but you alternator is probably the one taking the punishment.

  • 7 years ago

    It's normal but it is also pretty to fix. You need to do the Big 3, which consists of replacing 3 wires under your hood with bigger wire.

  • 7 years ago

    hard on altenator and battery just throw a capacitor in there youll be safe

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  • 7 years ago

    It'll kill your alternator eventually

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