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HEAVYWEIGHT: Ken Norton VS......?


With the passing of Norton, it is a sad day for American Boxing. RIP Mr. Norton.


Joe Frazier never fought Frazier on account of sharing the same trainer, ....

Q 1. Who would have won a 15 round bout: Frazier VS. Norton?

Ken Norton fought Muhammad Ali 3 times, with a record of 1 win - 2 losses. His lone win coming in a 12 round split decision whereby he broke Ali's jaw (!) in the bout.

Q 2. Who would have won a 15 round bout IF Norton had fought him when he was the Then-Named-Cassius Clay?

~ same result?

~ or a faster version of Then-Named-Clay would have effected the outcome?

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    RIP Ken Norton

    1. Ken Norton always had a problem with punchers. Although Joe Frazier wasn't necessarily a puncher, he had enough power to hurt Norton badly. This would be a good and competitive fight while it lasts, but Frazier will wear Norton down and stop him in round 7.

    2. I think Muhammad Ali would dominate this time instead of having close fights with Norton. Ali was much quicker, had better reflexes, was more athletic, etc. Ali would win a unanimous decision convincingly, with no need for a rematch.

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    Question 1; Frazier by late round ko.

    Both Frazier & Norton were pressure fighters but prime Frazier had better stamina, i see both men wearing each other down but Frazier getting the best of him.

    Question 2; Ali by decision.

    I actually think Norton got robbed by Ali in 1 of the 2 fights he supposedly lost.

    A prime Ali was faster then the one Norton fought so i see Ali winning a 6 round to 9 decision.

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    Frazier was a little better than Norton and would have beaten him.

    Norton got robbed in their last fight, so he should have won 2 out of the three fights.

    Ali had trouble with Norton's style, but earlier in their careers Ali would have won.

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    i think that is ok

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