Who is the pressident of israel?

why theres a lot of ****** on israel?

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  • Shay p
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    7 years ago
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    Israel's president is Shimon Peres. He has been the president of Israel since being elected to the office in 2007. He will be the president until 2014, which is when the next elections are being held.

    As for "why theres a lot of ****** on israel?" simple answer is...... "stupid is as stupid does"

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Israel is not a nation (It is a group of Semitic people). They have no need to steal land from the Palestinians.

    Learn the truth about Khazars - 90% or more of the people who are claiming to be Jewish are lying through their teeth. They have no Semitic blood. They are greedy evil people masquerading as Jews and have taken over most of the Banks and Currency on Earth. And they plan to rule Earth from Jerusalem.

    The Balfour Declaration that created the state of Israel was a TOTAL SHAM cooked up by Khazar Zionists in Great Britain, namely the Rothschilds. It is not acceptable to any court on earth, except maybe the Israeli Courts.

    Brother Nathanael has the best information that exposes the Jewish (Khazar) takeover of the United States.


    David Duke also.


  • TNO
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    7 years ago

    Like the two before me are saying, Shimon Peres. However, it's a mostly ceremonial role, and most of the executive power lies with the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The terminology is a bit confusing, especially for Americans, but that's how it just is.

    Now, there are a bunch of reasons why there is a lot of ****** in Israel, presuming I know what you mean by that (I off the top of my head don't know any six letter terms censored by Y!A). A lot of it having to do with the neighbors not getting along, and violence between the two.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The president of Israel is Shimon Peres, while the prime minister is Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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  • 7 years ago

    my answer is for the second part of your question ****** on Israel:

    Israeli neighbours are Muslims...

    The Breaking News:

    The Navy Yard gunman self-styled “Mohammed Salem”

    NBC News quoting law enforcement officials revealed Thursday that Aaron Alexis, who murdered 12 people in the Washington Navy Yard this week, created a webpage in the name of “Mohammed Salem.” The officials said “he never did anything with it” and they found nothing else that “might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even Islam.” So how would they describe the deadly attack on the Navy facility - if not “violent jihad?”

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    7 years ago

    Shimon Peres is..

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