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Religion QUIZ REL101 PLS HELP!!!?

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A __________ tends to demand conformity from its members, is exclusive in its membership, and distances itself from society.

a) cult

b) tradition

c) church

d) sect


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__________ is the observance of certain kinds of religious practices.

a) Orthopraxis

b) Tradition

c) Orthodoxy

d) Innovation


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__________ is the maintenance of certain standards of religious belief.

a) Conservatism

b) Orthodoxy

c) Orthopraxis

d) Spiritualism


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__________ refers to an illegitimate idea or movement.

a) Fundamentalism

b) Heresy

c) Orthodoxy

d) Schism


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A __________ is a divide related to authority.

a) division

b) heresy

c) schism

d) sect


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An example of an American-born cult that is now widely accepted is the __________.

a) Amish

b) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

c) Jehovah's Witnesses

d) Unification Movement


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Innovation describes the process of altering or reforming traditions to accommodate the necessities of pluralism.




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In a conservative society, minority groups maintain their independent traditions.




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Because of its communal nature, religion helps to hold a nation together.




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Tradition is Latin for "to hand down."



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    1)a) cult

    2)b) tradition

    3)b) orthodoxy

    4)b) heresy

    5)c) schism

    6)b) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    7) true

    8) true

    9) true

    10) true

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    The bias of some of the wording of your test sounds like something you would find at a Baptist Bible College or some other highly opinionated and intolerant type of institute, where they are the only Christians and everyone else is a cult.

    1) a, c, and d all do this

    2) b

    3) idk

    4) b. Heresy is associated with something wrong, illegitimate, etc. A schism is simply a division.

    5) c schism is close, but that is not the only definition of the word. Look it up in the dictionary.

    6) b and c, though the instructor probably wants to see you say b, the Mormons.

    7) I'm not so sure this is true, but I'm betting your teacher would say it is.

    8) true. Not sure if your teacher thinks this is true or not, but it is in fact what happens in the real world.

    9) True

    10) True

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    I answered 14 out of 15 questions correctly for a score of 93%.

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