how do u login to change your router settings?

netgare settings

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    Port 80 is generally used for web servers. If you have a router with a IP address of, you could port forward to 80 to the web server's local IP address.

    Then the web server could be accessed from

    That being said,

    If you are trying to configure a Netgear router, then you don't include a port number.

    Download the router manual if you don't have one. You can download the manual for your specific model on the Netgear site.

    Use an Ethernet cable to connect a computer to any one of the four LAN ports of the NETGEAR router.

    Log in to your NETGEAR router by browsing to - or or or

    If you have changed your router's IP to then use

    Here are detailed instructions with pictures.

    You'll need the administrative password for the WiFi router to make any changes to the router's configuration.

    The wireless network name (SSID) and password used for wireless security (encryption) and are not the same as the administrative username and password used to log in and configure the router.

    Passwords in the router user manual or printed on the back or underside of wireless routers are the factory defaults. For security these passwords are changed (or should have been changed) when the router is first configured.

    If you don't know the administrative login password, you'll have to reset the router to factory default state. The reset button is usually behind a small hole on the back of the router. To reset the router, use a toothpick or similar object to depress the button for a few seconds while the router is powered up. If the router is reset to factory default, thus erasing all user modified settings then it will revert to the default passwords and settings, including the default IP address.

    After resetting the router you'll want to change the default password and reconfigure the wireless security settings.

    Wireless connections require security configuration to prevent anyone with a WiFi in range of your router from connecting to your network. They could do malicious deeds, such as hack into your network, or just leech off of your Internet bandwidth.

    Wireless setup is not too difficult, Just follow the instructions in the router manual or wizard set up program. If you're having problems either pay someone to set it up for you or find a knowledgeable friend to configure it. Once the wireless network settings are configured it's a fairly trouble-free system.

    Good Luck...

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    how do u login to change your router settings?

    netgare settings

    Source(s): login 10 0 0 1 80 change router settings:
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    just punch those numbers in your browser. :80 is not required to enter.

    if you know the password then type it,otherwise try hard reset button on the backside of your router.

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