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What is wrong with me I hardly want to be here?

I did not make friends in elementary or high school I have no had friends since I was 16 years old i do not know why I am out going and caring and loving I am 23 and sometimes I think I am better off dead. No one would miss me..I lost myself and my Identity have been trapped in my own head for 3 years. I Love this guy i don't know why he is a hermit who likes to play video games and do nothing else and he doesn't want we says he wants to see what else is out there but sleeps over my house 2-3 times a week we don't have sex anymore because i called him sexually selfish and he said we won't have sex anymore. I wait for his calls wait for him to come over i don't do anything else with my life i feel so lost and alone and i hate living for a man

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    You need to get your mind off it. Exercise is the best way, especially sports like karate or boxing that will toughen you up as a bonus. Else try video games or rock climbing or w/e. speak to a counselor, and talk to your family about this, talking makes everything better. Only a real human recognizes when they need help. What I always do when I’m sad is watch vine or cat videos and such, or read mike Tyson quotes.

    You’re just a person- everyone is just a person, yet many have done incredible things and lived incredible lives. You could be next, you just need to believe, and then achieve. All you need in life to succeed is willpower. If you want a purpose in life, try helping others for a change. Lots of people are suffering in the world- and you have the power to help them it’s expected if you're religious. If you do good in the world, then everything will work out for you. Consider lions club international which is a great club where you get to not only help others out, but also meet new friends and potential lovers. It’s great in every way. Or you could even join the police. Don’t be a random good for nothing anybody like everyone else. Be different, be superior. Don’t let evil win.

    You think you have it rough? There are people with infinitely greater problems, take a look at these types of videos, they’re guaranteed to cheer you up:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    if they’re missing limbs yet still get by in life, then you sure as hell can to! Cherish what you have. Most people don’t.

    don't give up ,life is so beautiful, so full of love and joy and purity, you just have to fight for it first.

    if you ever want to talk just email me, i'll help you in any way i can, i mean it. Just remember to unlock your account stuff so I can reply to you back : )

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    You can change our life around. Dump the bf... he's not doing you any favors. You Do.Not.Need.Him. Get out there and take a class, volunteer, get a part-time job, take a class, travel, learn to ballroom dance, help a family member, join a gym, play a sport, ride a bike, learn a second language, join a book club... Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie (a true classic, old but with great tips). First become the YOU you're meant to be. You will fall in love again someday... promise. But for now your life should be about YOU and making a contribution to this world. Once you're confident in yourself, you won't settle for anything less than respect and a healthy relationship. Get moving... time's a wasting!

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    If you "hate living for a man" then don't. Enrich your own life. Take some adult education classes, find a hobby, join a church group or a book club. Volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, day care center or whatever you think might interest you. Just don't sit home and feel badly about yourself. That would be self defeating. Just put one foot in front of the other and go get'm.

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    So you're going to play the role of victim and complain on yahoo instead of doing something productive to improve the situations? I don't follow that. When you don't like what someone does, you confront them about it. If an agreement can't be made on the issues, then it's quite obvious there's nothing left in the relationship.

    "I am better off dead."

    But being dead presents no opportunities

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    Has it occurred to you that many of your problems are of your own making? Quit making your life harder. The only reason why you think you're better off dead is because you keep doing this to yourself. The irony is that you could just stop doing it to yourself, take a deep breath, and enjoy your life instead of contriving to make yourself miserable by setting yourself up for failure.

    But hey, it's your life. Do what you want.

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    Chica next to me says get a life yo and read a book. the mighty one says get a life sounds like a good answer. i say go to school

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