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R.I.P. Ken Norton (8-9-1943 - 9-18-2013)?

5 Most memorable performances?

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    What Bundini said.

    The only bad memory of him in the ring is when that tomato can Gerry Cooney ko'd him in the first round.

    But Norton was a great heavyweight who had a great career, and it would've been an even greater one if he had gotten more breaks on the score cards.

  • teodor
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    I remember him most for his 3rd fight versus Muhammad Ali where he shed tears in the end after hearing the verdict that Ali won by unanimous decision in the closest of their fight series. Am still an Ali hater and basher at the time and naturally I was rooting for Norton and it was my impression that Norton did enough to win the contest and Ali's undisputed heavyweight championship. But the fights in those times were scored on who won most of the rounds and not by the quirky 10 points must system that we have today where fighters could lose most of the close rounds but still win by winning decisively some of the rounds. Ali was able to steal most of the rounds by scoring on flurries as the rounds were about to end thereby impressing the judges. Poor Kenny.

    But I must submit that looking back and after reviewing the tapes several times, I think Ali deserved the benefit of the doubt in the final verdict. After all, in those golden years, the challenger really had to take away the championship by doing more than enough beyond the shadow of doubt. Because it was very difficult to win world title in those times and it would be an injustice to take the crown away from the champion without giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    However, in the late 70s, Kenny was not given this privilege as he lost the WBC title he inherited from Ali in another close decision to Larry Holmes. This is another of the memorable performance of Poor Kenny. That fight was still hanging in the balance when Holmes showed his deep reservoir of guts and power in the closing seconds after being staggered earlier by Kenny by staggering him back and almost putting him down by the bell.

    His KO losses to George Foreman in 1972 and Ernie Shavers and Gerrie Cooney at the twilight of his career are my other memories of Kenny that I would rather forget.

    Kenny Norton will forever live in the hearts of boxing fans, especially those who were already there when he was still fighting in the 70s, as the fighter who not only broke Ali's jaw but gave the GOAT three of his stiffest fights in his prime.

    Vaya con Dios, Kenny!

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    1. vs. Ali I (the broken jaw fight)

    2. vs. Holmes (almost beat Holmes)

    3. vs. Ali III (got robbed according to many)

    4. vs. Jimmy Young (named interim WBC champ)

    5. vs. Ron Stander

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    7 years ago

    This is very sad, Norton was one of the all time Heavyweight greats.

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  • Semper Fi, Devil Dog

    most memorable

    vs Clay I & III

    vs Holmes

    vs Quarry

    vs Foreman

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    Was that the guy who broke alis jaw?

  • Scott
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    and when did Ken Norton die? you would think it would beplastered all over the net if he died today

  • 7 years ago

    @Scott he did die idiot.

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