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Mike Tyson vs Ken Norton @ heavyweight for 15 rounds?

I think Mike tyson stops him by the 5th round

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  • Matt
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    7 years ago
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    Ken Norton always had trouble against the punchers. He was knocked out badly by Earnie Shavers, George Foreman, and Gerry Cooney, but did well against Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. Mike Tyson was indeed a puncher, and a very quick one. This fight would be short. Tyson comes out quick and explosive in the first round, finishing Norton.

    Tyson KO1.

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    Matt's right. Stylistically this is a bad match up for Norton. Especially against a prime Mike Tyson he'd get knocked out pretty quick.

    Ken Norton was a great boxer, but he couldn't stand up to the monster punchers like George Foreman and Earnie Shavers. I'd be surprised if he made it past the 4th or 5th round.

    EDIT: Maybe I'm going a little hard on Norton. If he could figure out a good game plan to cut off Tyson's power and keep Tyson away from the inside, he'd have a chance.

    Maybe against a mid 90s Tyson he would have a chance to do this. But still.....a quick Tyson KO more likely.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    George Foreman Vs Ken Norton

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Larry Holmes Vs Ken Norton

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    Which Tyson?

    The Tyson of 1986-89 would've knocked Norton out pretty early. As would the less impressive Tyson of 1990-91. Maybe even the one-dimensional sloppy Tyson of 1995-96 would've knocked Norton out by the fifth round. If the post-96 Tyson didn't nail Norton fast, then Norton probably would've knocked him out instead.

  • 7 years ago

    Ken Norton took the very best shots Larry Holmes, Ali, and Quarry had to offer for 64 rounds and never went down or was really hurt. Here's just a few of the names these men stopped:

    Foreman, Frazier, Bonavena, Lyle, Weaver, Cooney.

    Norton's early KO's came at the hands 2 of boxing's all time hardest punchers. In addition, being able to absorb the blows of world class fighters in the late rounds of a fight qualifies any fighter as having a good chin. Did Norton have a Hagler or Ali like chin? No, but neither did Tillis, Mitch Green, Bone Crusher Smith or Tony Tucker and they all stood up to Tyson's overrated power. Holyfield, Lewis, Douglas and the other 2 mooches not only stood up to Tyson but all KO'd him. Shavers and Foreman were much, much harder punchers than any of those who KO'd Iron Mooch yet he's not accused of having a glass jaw. I'll make an argument that Ali, Holmes and Quarry also hit harder than those who KO'd Tyson.

    Shavers and Foreman were also big heavyweights unlike Tyson. Norton was never hurt by a smaller heavyweight. Reviewing Tyson's record there is one constant, he was unable to stop most of the quality fighters he faced and was never able to win a war against a determined opponent. There is no Norton vs Holmes on Tyson's record. Another factor that is never mentioned in Norton's losses to Shavers and Foreman is that he should have employed the strategy used against Bobick rather than used so effectively against boxers.

    In conclusion, it's true that Tyson might have caught Norton cold early. But if Tyson had to face the Norton of Ali 2, Holmes or Bobick, then Tyson's forced into a fierce fight and we know Tyson never survived on of those. Norton KO 8th round.

  • 7 years ago

    It depends on which Tyson.

    Tyson prior to 1988 would destroy Ken Norton. He was too strong, too fast, had good technique and was a smart fighter.

    Tyson post 1988 would get knocked out. That Tyson just wasnt very good. He was a head hunter, not a boxer. Ken Norton would eat that Tyson alive.

  • 4 years ago

    Tyson's power, speed, and aggressiveness would be a problem for Norton. Norton thrived against guys he could take the lead against. Tyson would stand his ground and not let Norton advance the way he could against a backpedaling Ali and Holmes. Norton could be devastating when taking the lead. But nobody did that against Tyson in the 80s. Hopefully was able to because Tyson was past his prime following the prison sentence.

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    Mike Tyson wins this inside of 4 rounds. He would dent Nortons glass chin. Norton did well with boxers i.e. Ali, Holmes and Young. He seemed to be intimidated by punchers i.e. Foreman, Shavers and Cooney. Tyson would use his speed and power and knock out Norton fairly easy.

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