What is another liquid that's good to drink to replace water?

I have a constipation problem that I've always had since I was born. It's hereditary, my grandfather and aunt both have it. I have a hard time using the bathroom because my stool is always hard. When I was younger I used to drink a lot of 2% milk and eat a lot of dairy products, milk is my favorite thing to drink. My least favorite is water. The past year my problem has gotten worse, probably because we switched to whole milk and I just wasn't receiving enough fiber and such. Well now I'm increasing my daily intake of fiber by a lot and I know you have to have water to make the fiber do its job. Like I stated, I hate water. Is there something else I can drink to replace water? I may drink a half a cup or if I get lucky, one cup of water but what is something else I can drink that won't be as bad as milk? I do like most types of juice. I've tried cranberry juice and found out I do not have a liking for that and I don't like grape flavored drinks. I do like sweet tea but my family likes adding 6 cups of sugar (I know, that's a lot) to a gallon of tea and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't help my problem. Is there anything else?

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As of right now, I take fiber supplements, stool softener, and a medicine called Miralax. I've been eating a lot of fruit a vegetables. I eat a bowl of different types of a fruit with yogurt poured over it. I eat the cereal "Mini-Wheats" without the milk. I also eat one of those "FiberOne" bars. I'm pretty sure I get more than enough fiber now, it's just I have to drink something to help the fiber work and I much rather eat than drink. Also, I'm not a fan of Gatorade. I'd much rather drink plain water than Gatorade.

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    For real fiber and heath, go to eating regularly legumes and brown rice. My favorite chili, 1 gallon:

    4cups dried pinto or red beans

    1cup brown rice

    1 or 1/2 can of tomato sauce

    1Tbsp red pepper flakes

    3Tbsp chili powder

    Seasalt to taste and as much fresh ground black pepper as you like.

    Optional: 1Tbsp oregano

    Lots of recipes, outside of chilies too, just eating them together give you all the essential amino acids needed for building proteins.


    Oatmeal would be next, after fruit and veggies, healthy sweeteners: stevia, local honey.

    Some teas are very healthy, try having your family add they own sweetener, or make your own, just simmer some on the stove.

    I used to pour sugar on my cereal because a spoon was too slow. Now, I don't miss it. For fresh, filtered, or better spring water, a squirt of real lemon juice is great. Any healthy sweetener would be next, including any fruit juice you like. Most store juices are simple sugars, not healthy for you anyway.

    Smoothies are very good, frozen bananas are my favorite start, any fruit, and add as much ice as you like. These should be drank on an empty stomach so they can digest in a half hour. Book: Fit for Life. In general, too much sugar, even fruits are not ideal.

    Just keep working on cutting out the worst and add the best, some quick online searches will give you plenty to go on. Look at ORAC values, electrolytes. When you cook or make your own salads and dressings, you control exactly what you're eating.

    My fave salad, usually eaten with my own breads:

    Greek/Pico Salad

    2 cup diced tomato

    1 cup finely diced onion

    1/2 cup finely sliced fresh cilantro

    2 tbs lime/lemon juice

    fresh black pepper


    1 cup diced avocados

    2 cups broccoli, cabbage, shredded-carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers

    1/4 cup peperoncini, fresh jalapenos

    2 teaspoons fresh garlic, minced

    touch of honey

    Can be added to lettuce prior to eating, do not store with lettuce in it

    Basic bread/pancake:

    2 cups whole grain flour

    1 tsp baking soda

    2 tsp apple vinegar

    pinch of seasalt and sweetener if wanted

    Options: garlic, onion, olives, black pepper, hot peppers, rosemary, basil, oregano

    Also used for piecrusts, cinnamon rolls, sweet breads & cakes

    Sweet breads: banana, other fruits, grated carrots, zucchini, spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice

    Sweeteners: molasses, local honey, stevia

    Good luck, good eats!

    Food combination chart:


    When you want more plant-based foods, here are some recipes.

    Rip Esselstyn @ TED, former firefighter and 12yr professional tri-athlete, food that satisfies Texas-beef guys, dropping weight and their cholesterol by 60pts.


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    Books: Fit for Life, Wheat Belly, Engine 2 Diet

    Alkaline body, naturally healthy weight, can lose up to 1lb/day when overweight:

    Dr Robert D. Young, medical microbiologist, on Alkaline Foods and Water

    book: The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health -- 100+ recipes


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    -- CNN Alkaline Water


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    --acidic foods: animal protein

    Source(s): Walter Last: Research Chemist, Biochemist, Toxicologist, Practicing Nutritionist, Natural Therapist. Typically eat 80% alkaline 20% acidic foods properly combined. http://health-science-spirit.com/ Books: Heal Yourself, Healing Foods, The Natural Way To Heal - 65 Ways to Create Superior Health, Self Help Cancer Cure book. http://www.the-heal-yourself-series.com/Author.htm... Alkalizing Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Citrate (both natural compounds) by Walter Last --see Use cases below http://www.health-science-spirit.com/alkalizing.ht... Alkalizing with Calcium and Magnesium by Walter Last --Important for sensitive and overacid individuals who tend to be chronically deficient in calcium. http://www.health-science-spirit.com/calcium.html
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    I hate water too. I just mix it with a diluted drink like ribena or something.

    You can also get stool softener from your doctor or a pharmacy.

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    There are many different flavors of pedialyte. A doctor would know better than I. You would probably have better luck in another more specific Y!A category or over @ webmd.com

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