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Is there any singer that can touch aretha franklin?

There's no doubt Aretha is the queen, but is there any singer that can touch Aretha Franklin the answer is: THERE IS ONE!!!!..... that can go toe to toe with her if not even surpasses he sheer talent and skill. There

is only 1 and that person is.... Tom Jones yes TOM JONES! Listen you have to I have heard hundereds of singer in my life time but not one could stand up to Arethas might Patti Lebel Gladys Knight Whitney Houston etc... but none of them could and can hold there own. Tom JONES IS THE ONLY VOICE LEFT THAT CAN STAND UP to the queen Tom's voice is astonishing. I HAVE NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER HEARD A VOICE LIKE HIS ON THIS PLANET. I'm serious Tom Jones could go toe to toe with her. You know its so sad that the viewers of Tom only saw his sex appeal they never knew how magnificent his voice truly was and is. I am being serious here I am not being bias but Tom is the only one that could look at the videos on youtube of both of them and you will truly see the sheer power of Tom. He is so under rated it also depends on the battle field both would be on if Tom was on the pop jazz and ball room singer room he would dominate but if Aretha was on the gospel blues and soul team she would win so either way it would go either way Tom is the singer today that can go toe to toe with her. Don't belive me then what do you think comment and state your opinions here and also they both have over 1 hunderd million sales so there about even there so comment on what you think. I think there even.

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    Billie Holiday

    Etta James


    Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few..

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    Well thts a matter of opinion, i personally think tht joss stone can measure up to Aretha franklin. There was a concert thing wer Aretha was bein honored an joss stone sang "son of a preacher man" an brought the house down!! But thts my opinion.

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  • 6 years ago

    Everybody has an opinion. Personally I do not like her voice and I can think of a million better singers than her.

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  • 6 years ago

    Otis Redding.

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