JWs, Rutherford was realeased from jail...?

Rutherford was released from jail in 1919; what was he charged with to be in jail?


DevAd I agree that both Russell and Rutherford were con men but the real idea is to get the JWs to see this.

Update 2:


JWs do not deny that Rutherford was imprisoned, they deny why and twist other factors of his teaching.

Update 3:

exTT - Lwt us explore your loaded language


1916: Witnesses persecuted for wartime pacifism - yes LL (loaded Lang.)

There were no "JWs"up until this 1932 the WT followers were called Bible Students and they could join armed forces and everything else Rutherford later demonized.


During the First World War, Witnesses in Britain, Canada and the USA suffered from government action against people who refused conscription into the military forces.

-LL No such thing as "Witnesses" most WT followers left the Watch Tower by the late 1920's, almost all WT followers that stayed were recruited while Rutherford was president.

The members did not suffer but the seditionist Rutherford and his cronies did suffer imprisonment.


Rutherford and seven of his colleagues were sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiring to promote draft evasion during a time of war. (LL- yes)

No not draft evasion but sedition against the US Government.


The convictions were overturned a year

Update 4:

Rick G

you know better you are shutting out

""the Truth about the Truth''"

come out of it

Update 5:

Mimi, Glad you came out of it - keep up the good work.

Update 6:


You have an interesting mind set.

I am not against the truth and reality..

First - go to - Amos 5:18

The fact is that tou are being lied to over and over

It is a very negative and depressed mind picture that the Watch Tower teaches.

This thought process is something called "schadenfreude".

Second - go to - Romans 14:17

Update 7:


Charges were not dropped. Rutherford et.al. were released as a gesture of "Goodwill toward all men" at the end of the First World War. Sound Mas0nic?



Thank you TJ W

There is a way to disentangle the JWs but it seems they are convicted that the anointed (GB) are unimpeachable - no matter the garbage they teach.

Update 8:



""Figuratively speaking, God’s “two witnesses,” Christ’s anointed followers, had been dead.""


""After release of the Society’s representatives from prison, “spirit of life from God” enlivened them and they again sallied forth, organized to praise God.—Rev. 11:3-12.""


You really believe this claptrap? Making a comparison to a bible verse no less? Get behind me Satan.

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    @ Correction....

    Joseph Rutherford and company were NOT "exonerated" , but simply let off of the hook because of procedural errors. http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/28327/1...

    LOl... Funy how JWs seen to be Zealous in Everything...

    Anyway back to the case... the "Writ of Error." or procedural errors

    You and WatchTower Society and its liberal supporters have intentionally allowed this case to quietly slide through history in obscurity.

    Obviously, there must be a good reason -- or reasons -- that barely anyone has heard of EX PARTE HUDGINGS, which was a 1919 SCOTUS decision. The subject of this SCOTUS case was William Franklyn Hudgings, who over the years held various Director and Officer positions in the WatchTower Society. At the time of this case, Hudgings acknowledged being Corporate Secretary of the People's Pulpit Association, and acknowledged that his daily duties included administrative charge of printing of the WatchTower magazine, the Bible Student's Monthly, the Kingdom News, and other WatchTower publications. Hudgings was also re-elected to the WatchTower Society Board of Directors in January 1919.

    William F. Hudgings was held in contempt and jailed on June 11, 1918, during the UNITED STATES v. RUTHERFORD federal criminal trial in which the President of the WatchTower Society and seven other WatchTower officials were convicted under the Espionage Act of 1917, and spent almost nine months in federal prison, for their publication and distribution of THE FINISHED MYSTERY. (Although not charged in the RUTHERFORD case, Hudgings was the WatchTower official who applied for the copyright on FINISHED MYSTERY.) USDC Judge Harland Howe held Hudgings in contempt because Howe believed that Hudgings had committed PERJURY during his testimony, and in fact, Howe directed that Hudgings be charged with perjury that very day.

    Earlier in the trial, William Hudgings' wife, Agnes Hudgings, and another WatchTower official's wife, Mabel (Russell) Campbell, who both worked as secretaries in various WatchTower administrative offices, had been called by the prosecution to testify, so as to prove the authenticity of certain WatchTower documents, and the signatures on such, relating to the publication, printing, and distribution of the FINISHED MYSTERY.

    The testimony of the two WatchTower secretaries was uncooperative and evasive, if not untruthful, their failed to recognized the signature. Judge Howe essentially allowed the Prosecutor to treat Agnes Hudgings and Mabel Campbell as "hostile witnesses", plus Howe made various remarks which the jury might interpret as indicating that Howe believed that the witnesses were lying.

    Later in the trial, after his main testimony, William Hudging was recalled to prove the signatures of two of the WatchTower defendants. William Hudgings testified that he had worked with the two defendants for nine years, but had never seen either sign his name such that he could testifiy as to the authenticity of their signatures. Hudgings even testified that he could not "remember" ever seeing A. H. MacMillan writing anything during the nine years, although their desks were only ten feet apart during the most recent 18 months.

    No doubt exasperated by the earlier testimonies of Hudgings' wife and Mabel Campbell, Judge Howe charged William Hudgings with "contempt" only after first giving Hudgings a warning lecture during which Judge Howe stated, "I am not going to allow you to obstruct the course of justice here." The Judge offered Hudgings an adjournment to counsel with an attorney regarding his testimony, but the Judge's efforts to give Hudgings a last opportunity to be more forthright with his answers were unsuccessful.

    The Judge's error was in doing all this in front of the Jury

    In mid-November 1918, Hudgings' attorney, Jesse Fuller, sought a Writ of Habeas Corpus from SCOTUS. On November 25, 1918, without first issuing an order for the government to show cause why the Writ should not be issued, and without having held such a proceeding, SCOTUS issued a Writ to produce Hudgings at SCOTUS for a hearing on December 9, 1918.

    The hearing was held, and Judge's Howe's contempt commitment was vacated, and Hudgings was released from jail only after bail was finally posted on December 12, 1918 -- and not on April 14, 1919, as the Second Circuit stated in its decision to reverse the RUTHERFORD decision because of Judge Howe's open court statements regarding the truthfulness of the testimony of William Hudgings, his wife, and Mabel Campbell.


    Source(s): there you have IT.... http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=UNITED+STATES+v.+... Joseph Rutherford and company were NOT "exonerated", but simply let off of the hook because of procedural errors.... because the convicted defendants filed a Petition for a "Writ of Error." (Trial Transcript, pages 1-10, parts 1-30 ) The Writ of Error was allowed by the trial Court, Judge Howe, and granted by the District Court Judge Chatfield, whom the Society earlier objected to and had removed from their trial, because they felt he would not be fair to them. because "A Federal Court may not punish a witness for contempt solely because of the opinion of the court that he is committing perjury, without reference to any circumstance or condition giving to such perjury an obstructive effect."
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    1916: Witnesses persecuted for wartime pacifism

    During the First World War, Witnesses in Britain, Canada and the USA suffered from government action against people who refused conscription into the military forces.

    Rutherford and seven of his colleagues were sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiring to promote draft evasion during a time of war.

    The convictions were overturned a year later, but the experience hardened Rutherford's heart against public institutions and he referred to politics, commerce, and religion as "the three chief instruments of the Devil".

    Rutherford thought deeply about a key passage in Romans 13, and concluded that the proper interpretation of the passage no longer required Witnesses to cooperate with secular law unless those laws were in accordance with God's laws.

    The relationship between the Witnesses and the civil authorities deteriorated further as a result.

    Source(s): http://search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGdUx69DhSX3cAXKh... FOLLOW JESUS AND GO TO JAIL
  • Charged with Sedition.

    Same reason that many accused the Apostles of, and they were imprison

    I suppose lies were thrown in too just as they were of Jesus. Before and after

    Nothing new about that

    Many People often hate those who disagree with them or are different in any way be it race or religion. And didn't mind if they were beaten, imprisoned, hung or killed. Often they even picked on the whole group for ones imperfections in it. In their mind that makes sense. All Blacks, Indians, Whites, Japaneses, etc. do this, all Catholics or any other pick religion are this, Such bigotry and ignorance exists even today. Many peaceful religious ones left their home countries to new lands to get away from such but doesn't seem to work-more like that are always cropping up.

    I get the feeling that's not what you want to hear-even if true in "History" how often that was done.

  • 7 years ago

    It was charged that they—

    Unlawfully and feloniously did conspire, combine, confederate and agree together, and with divers other persons to the said Grand Jurors unknown, to commit a certain offense against the United States of America, to wit: the offense of unlawfully, feloniously and wilfully causing insubordination, disloyalty and refusal of duty in the military and naval forces of the United States of America when the United States was at war . . . by personal solicitations, letters, public speeches, distributing and publicly circulating throughout the United States of America a certain book called “Volume VII. Bible Studies. The Finished Mystery,” and distributing and publicly circulating throughout the United States certain articles printed in pamphlets called “Bible Student’s Monthly,” “Watch Tower,” “Kingdom News” and other pamphlets not named.

    After months in the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, Georgia, they were freed on bail. By May 14, 1919, their erroneous convictions were reversed, and on May 5, 1920, they were completely exonerated. Figuratively speaking, God’s “two witnesses,” Christ’s anointed followers, had been dead. After release of the Society’s representatives from prison, “spirit of life from God” enlivened them and they again sallied forth, organized to praise God.—Rev. 11:3-12.

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  • Rick G
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    It was the charge of sedition. The ministry before the WWI started pointed to the year 1914 as the turning point when Christ would receive authority over earth. And in our magazines and books, especially "The Finished Mystery", it pointed to the corruption of the clergy being involved in warfare. While preaching for the "Prince of Peace", they prayed their followers into the front lines.

    Should it surprise anyone that when someone comes speaking the truth and others are exposed as frauds that they don't try to use the governments, their friends, to shut these ones up?

    For example, when Paul returned to Jerusalem, the Jews took the opportunity to use the Romans as a tool to rid themselves of this preacher that was there. Here is what they said to the Romans.

    (Acts 24:1-8) 24 Five days later the high priest An·a·ni′as came down with some older men and a public speaker, a certain Ter·tul′lus, and they gave information to the governor against Paul. 2 When he was called, Ter·tul′lus started accusing him, saying:

    “Seeing that we enjoy great peace through you and that reforms are taking place in this nation through your forethought, 3 at all times and also in all places we receive it, Your Excellency Felix, with the greatest thankfulness. 4 But that I may not hinder you any further, I beseech you to hear us briefly in your kindliness. 5 For we have found this man a pestilent fellow and stirring up seditions among all the Jews throughout the inhabited earth and a spearhead of the sect of the Naz·a·renes′, 6 one who also tried to profane the temple and whom we seized. 7 —— 8 From him you yourself can by examination find out about all these things of which we are accusing him.”

    Rutherford and the 7 others were released and the charges were completely reversed.

    If you would like to examine some of the records of the events, we have two videos that even include the mug shots of the 7 and Rutherford. The link below will take you to our videos that are on line, and and look for 2 parts, "Jehovah's Witnesses - Faith in Action" Part 1 subtitle is "Out of Darkness" and the subtitle on Part 2 is "Let the Light Shine".

  • Mimi
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    Throughout the time Rutherford was the Watchtower leader , he actively antagonized other religions and government so as to provoke them into persecuting the Bible Students/Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Even as he criticised others, he had a vile character and was a known alcoholic who lived a luxurious lifestyle even during the Depression.

    Later, Rutherford hypocritically wrote a letter to Hitler expressing his support for Hitler's ideology....after failing to gain Hitler's favor, he published articles attacking Hitler which resulted in JWs suffering unspeakable atrocities...

    so obviously his 'neutrality' during WW 1 was not sincere.

    Source(s): jwfacts.com
  • 7 years ago

    Conmanship, I believe.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You know as well as I do that they'll deny that ever happened and insist that it's just apostate lies. We also both know that they'll bury and/or report this answer.

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