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What do you think of Ghostface Killah?

Would you agree if I said Ghostface Killah is the best out of Wu because his consistency and storytelling ability?

BQ: Top ten favorite Ghostface Killah songs

BQ2: Rate 'Twelve Reasons To Die' and 'Ironman'

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    I would actually laud Raekwon more for his storytelling ability than Ghostface Killah, while Ghostface is definitely also a prolific storyteller, its his energy which I consider his defining characteristic. Out of all of them, he's had one of the stronger careers, edging out Raekwon, and barely GZA, if at all. If I were to think of the centrality of their roles in the Wu-Tang Clan...I think I would hand it to Raekwon.

    BQ: Nia i don go tym fo is

    But Apollo Kids is my fave.

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    7 years ago

    What do I think of Ghostface? Supreme Clientele very good

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    Nah i go with Chef just off the strength that Chef could story tell as well, and his lyrics is a little flyer but Ghost is definitely one of the greats Ghost could flow with the best of em and his story telling ability is incredible.

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    BQ: -

    BQ2: 12 Reasons - 8.25/10/ Ironman - 9.5/10

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    7 years ago

    I'm a ghostface, so I just would ask him to reconsider killing me.

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    I think he's overrated

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