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If I keep one eye closed for 12 hours will it cause harm?

I'm starting to think about halloween and I really want to be a character that would be best if I could makeup over one eye and keep it closed where ever I go. Can this cause any potential problems with my eyes?


Sometimes I get super duper headaches, have since a very young age and I can go around with one eye closed quite easily for some time and without squinting, only works with my right though. Plus I was planing on using some sort of soluble sticky (maybe the glue for false eyelashes) under the make up just so I don't have to think about it!!

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    Many people are known to sleep for 12 hours and they don't wake up with any damage done to their eyes. 12 hours is fine.

    BUT , you will probably find it impossible to keep one eye closed for 12 hours without a patch on it.

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