Question about a college lgbtq resource center. Will there be masc gay guys like me there?

So I am a gay freshman at a big public university. Its been really hard for me to make any friends and I'm getting desperate for a bf too. I would say that I'm relatively attractive. Anyway, I was thinking about going to my school's lgbtq resource center just to find out what kind of things they have for people like me. But I'm kinda hesitant because I'm a very masculine guy and can't stand feminine gay guys (and don't really get along with them). I'm afraid that is all that will be there. But I guess I do get along with lesbians some. Idk my question is will there be guys like me there?

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  • Ari
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    8 years ago
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    Maybe you should try to be more open minded. I can't guarantee that there will be super masculine gay guys at the resource center but since they are an outreach for the entire LGBT community, they are going to welcome you as well as any feminine guy who comes to them.

    Discrimination within our community is a problem that weakens and limits us. I'm a masculine guy and my partner of 14 years is a fruit. Really. I wouldn't have predicted it but we get along great and let our differences spice up our life together. And let me tell you, a lot of these pussycats can become real tigers when the lights get low. Think it over.

    I hope you'll go to the center and meet some folks. And I hope you have a happy love life too, be it with a guy who is identical to you or your complete opposite.

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