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Can anyone help translate "Down but not out" into Scottish Gaelic?

I really wanted "Down but not out" as a tattoo, but i wanted it to represent me even more than the meaning it has behind it, so since i am Scottish, i would love to have it in Gaelic. Problem is, I can't speak Gaelic. Help me someone? Please!?

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    You do know that English and Gaelic are very different, and that a sentence like this has very different connotations - in English, it comes from the world of boxing - it's saying that a boxer has been knocked down, but is not unconscious. If I translated that into Gaelic, it wouldn't at all have the same implications as the phrase in English, it would simply sound a bit silly. The English phrase as it is used nowadays, implies that life has given you some hard knocks, but you haven't given in - it really would be better if you found, or made up, a phrase along those lines.

    for example - ìosal, ach cha ghéill = low, but will not yield

    Sorry, but that's the closest I can think of

    Source(s): Gaelic is my first language
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