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UK Fiance K-1 visa proof of financial support?

I'm a little confused with the requirements for financial support for the US K-1 fiance visa.

1. The application requirements state that the fiance needs to present evidence of financial support to prove that they will not become public charges. Specifically, that they will be able to support themselves or their partner will. At the same time, the requirements for the petition are that they have to provide tax returns from the past 3 years. If the alien fiance can support themselves then surely the US petitioner does not need to show proof of their finances? If that's the case, what kind of sum are they looking for the alien fiance to have?

2. Now, the specifics: I am the alien fiance and my partner is studying full-time in the US and is a US citizen, so not working. He doesn't have a good relationship with his family and they are not an option for sponsorship. I'm completely happy showing proof of savings in a checking account, and I just want to know if it would be possible to only take that into consideration as my partner's current lack of income (only student loan money sufficient to support himself) is redundant in this case. And also, if it is possible, how much would I ideally need to have (approximately) for it to be considered sufficient?

3. Also, if my partner does end up working alongside studies and earns enough to show that he could support both of us, obviously his tax returns would show that he hasn't had income from all of the past 3 years, from which the tax returns are required - is that a problem?

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    7 years ago
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    the alien does not require any income ...or assets its up to the US Citizen to earn enough to bring in the alien ..not income no visa

    for a fiancee visa

    US Citizen can apply for a special visa to allow a non-citizen (their fiancée) to enter the country in order to get married to a US citizen inside the US.

    Once issued, the K1 visa will allow the non-citizen to enter the United States legally, for 90 days in order for the marriage ceremony to take place. Once you marry, the non-citizen can remain in the US and may apply for permanent residence. While USCIS processes the application, the non-citizen can remain in the US legally

    The US citizen income must meet the require minimum to fulfill the affidavit of support

    currently$19400 .

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